Friday, December 1


(“Boo… boring…”)

…. I know, soccer have been an uninteresting topic in Malaysia nowadays. Sportscaster, journalist, FAM, MSN, Minister even mamak at mamak stall think they know what the problems and talk so much about it. But end of the day here the result:

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Malaysia at number one hundred and fifty three. I not even know ada negara nama Niger or Eritrea. And tengok number 141, PALESTINE! They got football team? I don’t want to kutuk my beloved country’s football team. I think FIFA got problem with their ranking system. No way had Palestine or Chad ranked above us. I demand a rematch. So, FAM please arranges a friendly between Malaysia and those countries. Maybe we can include Benin (109), Guyana (106) and of cause our neighbor ‘friend’ Singapore (115), I bet we can beat them at least 2 goals margin. Let show to the world FIFA wrong again after what they did to Marcos in 2002. I believe that Brazilian goal stopper are much better that Oliver Kahn, he just overshadowed by Brazil firepower. Brazil will never win that world cup if not because of Marcos superb performance that summer.

Want to discuss about our football team below par performance in these recent yearssss? I believe if you not Nicol Ann David, do not dare to give any opinion about our football team. Because our football players just reflect how most Malaysian perform at work. Nicol an exceptional lah, she always does the best in anything she did. Study (she an straight A’s student) and of cause sports, maybe there are few others individual that up to her standard but definitely not us. (If you reading stranger’s blog, confirm you not one of them..:) )

If you just like me, buat kerja supaya tak kena marah bos. Siapkan keja awal supaya boleh balik awal and tengok sitcom kat channel 70 every Monday and Thursday. Just shut our mouth up. We can’t blame our footballers for doing the same thing as we do. Right? If you saying we can’t compare apple and orange, as usual you are wrong. Cuba tengok pemain bola masa mereka mewakili negara, they give everything they have. They work very-very hard to win the match. So do us, we will do the same in front of our boss. But during our free time, we will forget all about work. Jadi, kita tak boleh salahkan pemain bola bila mereka tidak berlatih extra hours, since memang culture kita macam tu.

If you a student, and not a 4.00 pointer, do not kutuk Akmal Rizal kerana tak fit lagi walaupun dah 4 bulan injured. Pergi baca buku and dapatkan at least 3.99 CGPA then baru boleh bersuara.

So, jangan banyak complaint, jangan asyik komen pasal bolasepak Malaysia sambil tengok Chelsea lawan Barcelona, jangan tuduh semua orang salah…. Keluarkan RM10.00 dan pergi stadium tengok bolasepak….jangan tunggu final je baru nak runtuh Stadium Nasional tu.


Apeh said...

Hahaha...memang patut kita buat camni...kita marah sebab sayangkan bola sepak!!!yehaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Memang aku sokong komen bola sepak malaysia. bukan jurulatih sahaja yang patut dipersalahkan sahaja, semua pihak yang terlibat dalam memajukan bola sepak malaysia. rakyat malaysia dah muak dengar pelbagai pertelagahan yang disiarkan di media eletronik. Hentikan lah pertelagahan tersebut dan buatlah kerja yang sepatutnya dapat membantu memajukan bola sepak malaysia. Dan akuilah akan kelemahan yang terdapat dalam liga malaysia. Jangan mainkan lagi lagu bangau oh bangau bila team malaysia kalah dalam pertandingan yang disertai. Kami Rakyat malaysia mengharapkan perubahan yang diperlukan.

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