Friday, December 22

Cool Mourinho...

18 December 2006
Mourinho branded Johnson 'a dangerous kind of opponent' and claimed he was 'not fair'.
'You cannot trust him,' he added. 'A great player but too much of that.'

20 December 2006
'After seeing it again on the video, (referee) Mr Halsey did wonderful work and both decisions for penalties were correct. Did Andy Johnson try to avoid a collision with my goalkeeper? It seems now the answer to that is yes so Everton, his manager and he deserve my apologies.' –

Jose Mourinho accused Everton’s Andy Johnson dived to cheat referee for a penalty during
Everton against Chelsea game. After review the replay he admitted he made a wrong judgment and ask for apology, but of cause after Everton deny and threatened to sue him (like he really cares)

My comment: Damn Cool..!

He is the most arrogant person in world of football. He kinda bad loser, he will come out with all kind of excuse when his team ends up on the losing side. I believe nobody can become Chelsea boss better than him, his character just suit the job, right? With all the star players in the team, imagine his bench consist of player that value more than most other English Premiere League’s teams first eleven, probably more than £50 million just on the sub. But when he made a mistake, he proudly admitted and coolly asks for forgiveness. If guys as egotistical as him manage to do that why don’t we, right?

Let just hope US President can learn something form Jose. Everybody knows Bush was wrong about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that it was a bad decision to invade Iraq and that he was sorry that so many American's life has been lost in vain. Bodoh..!

Locally pula, harap-harapnya pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang bijak pandai boleh mengaku jika mereka tersilap langkah.

P/S: Aku still percaya Benitez are the best football manager in the world.


Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to say this, I dont think Benitez is a best/top soccer coach in the world.

I think Alex Ferguson is more like it.

p/s : Im a liverpool fan as well!
Happy holiday!

Mr. Right said...

Yup, maybe u rite... i dont think i can disagree if sumbody told me he think Fergusen, Wenger or even Harry Redknap are the best manager.. difficult to judge...terlalu subjective...

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