Tuesday, December 12

Ruqaya Al Ghasara

Malas nak update blog hari ini, but can't help myself to say something about latest news from Doha. If there still people don't know about Ruqaya 'won' yesterday, pelik la. She all over cnn, espn, and almost all online and offline newspaper. If she tidak nervous and make a fault start masa 100 meters, i bet she will make headlines 2 days ealier. Her hijab got Nike logo, not sure its official Nike brand hijab or not la, but cool right?

"No bother at all: Bahrain sprinter Al Ghasara says Muslim dress only makes her faster" - International Herald Tribune

"Thank God for this medal, for this great achievement for the Bahraini people," said Al Ghasara. - CNN

Bahrain's Ruqaya al Ghasara wins the gold medal in the women's 200 meters at the 15th Asian Games in Doha Qatar, Monday, December 11, 2006. - NewsCom

“Mengenakan pakaian tradisional Muslim memberikan saya satu dorongan. Ia bukan satu halangan tetapi sebaliknya,” kata Ruqaya, yang memenangi emas acara 200 meter dengan catatan 23.19 - Metro

Hope this can inspired all the muslim girls around the world to active in sport, expecially girls from Arab world. Also, looking from bigger picture this can inspire all of us to achieve anything in this world, just do it our way...!

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