Friday, December 29

Earthquake at Taiwan & Jeff Ooi Choc.

7 submarine fibers cable damaged during 7.3 rector earthquake at Taiwan on Tuesday morning effecting 7 Giga of data mostly from Southeast Asia. Too many 7? So, most of you guys from Malaysia can’t log in to international server. They estimate it will be rectify within 3 weeks. Just wonder how they going to repair that fiber cable. I heard they will bring the cable to surface, on the ship and repair it there. Still can’t understand how they want to splice the fiber in the middle on the open sea and the fiber will be buried back under the sea. Cool Right..! Not referring to the disasters, but the repair works yang cool...


Quake Shakes Up the Net – TheStar

Asia Communication in Chaos – International Herald Tribune

Asian Quake Disrupts Data Traffic – New York Times


Asia's Internet, phone services to be largely restored today - TheStar

But proudly said, my office had no problem at all from that day to this very moment. Metrophone Broadband Rulez..! More info here.

Why so many disasters happen in the month of December each year? Menakutkan. So, next year during Christmas holiday everybody sits tied at the home. Move to nowhere. Sapa tahu, next year it will be Malaysia to be hit by December’s Disaster.

Remember this (Email from Jeff Ooi) entry….? I received an email from Jeff Ooi. So, yesterday I met him. I’am the lucky loser of his Pantun Contest for Hari Raya and Deepavali. So, the lucky 1st prize winner got the LG Chocolate phone and 2nd prize or lucky loser (Aku) dapat a bouquet of imported chocolate that surely my girlfriend will enjoy. So, here my not so happy face at Jeff Ooi website. (Orang gemuk je ke tahu berpantun?) Pantun aku yang melayakkan aku dapat satu bakul coklat:

Berbilang bangsa hidup muhibbah,
Tolong-menolong sentiasa disisi,
Deeparaya terasa sungguh meriah,
Kunjung-mengunjung amalan tradisi.

Dapat hadiah pun yesterday and today aku bad mood. People who close to me know why.

Clue: MCMC Sucks..!


Anonymous said...

wah!promote oce nampak..hehe!!ni ada dapat ape2 share ke ni??kalo camtu aku pun nak promote gak la kat blog aku...haha!!

Mr. Right said...

Hahaha... bkn promote, errmm.. ok.. mmg promote.. hahhaha..

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