Tuesday, May 1

Celebrating May Day

MANILA (AFP) - Riot police backed by military reservists fanned out across the Philippine capital Tuesday as thousands of Filipino workers took to the streets for May Day celebrations….The Workers Party attacked Arroyo for providing "band-aid solutions" to the problem of massive unemployment and called for an across-the-board wage hike.
Yahoo News

CHANGWON, South Korea: Workers from the two Koreas called for the reunification of their divided homeland Tuesday when they held the first joint May Day celebration in South Korea. Some 2,000 workers, including 60 northerners, waved "unification flags" during the May Day rally at the southern industrial city of Changwon.
Source: Channel News Asia

MACAU: Riot police fired into the air in the southern Chinese territory of Macau as a May Day street protest turned violent Tuesday and officers scuffled with demonstrators in rare scenes of civil unrest….The protest started peacefully with demonstrators calling on the government to implement laws to reduce the number of illegal workers flooding into Macau to cash in on a recent casino-led economic boom.
Source: Channel News Asia

There are several other demonstration in few countries such as, USA, Pakistan, German and Turkey. Most of those protestant request better benefit for workers, especially government servant. And better work condition for industrial workers.

But here in Malaysia:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 1 (Bernama) -- The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) wants the government to undertake a salary revision as proposed by the congress and not a salary adjustment which it said it will reject….

Is that boring or what? No riots, no street rally, no gun fire. Instead, government servant minta uncle dalam Cuepacs tolong pujuk Pak Lah untuk naik gaji.

Everybody enjoys the long holiday, balik kampong, shopping, went to the beach and celebrating Wesak festival peacefully.

  1. Adakah majority perkerja di Malaysia puah hati with their welfare?
  2. Malaysian government will never listen to street demonstration?
  3. Malaysian afraid to voice their opinion openly?
  4. Orang Malaysia terlalu bijak dan we have better way to solve problem?

What ever the reason, aku sedikit sedap hati since looking at my previous entry, beside me there are millions of people in this world not satisfied with their current job. Hoorrey…!

Selamat Hari Pekerja


Anonymous said...

Jawapan aku:

Org Malaysia pemalas, semua nak org lain buatkan.

Anonymous said...

kebanyakan org malaysia lebih suka ambil jalan selamat..berpuas ati dgn aper yg kerajaan bagi..janji cukup bulan dapat gaji bleh bayar segala bil..cukup makan..cukup pakai..maner yg ader tabung haji harapkan potong bulan..kalau sempat dekat pencen rasalah naikhaji..bukan ader rasa inisientif(aku belasah je ayat nie) nak gaji lebih..kalau yg ader pun curi2 masa kerja buat part time job..eemmm pening2..

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