Wednesday, May 2

Athens Here We Come

Notice: Quickie, just to pay a tribute to The Reds Warriors...

UEFA Champion League,
Semi-finals - 01 May 2007 20:45 (CET) - Anfield, Liverpool

Update (3 May 2007):

Stupid Mourinho

“We were the best team today, even against a team only playing for the Champions League. I respected Liverpool always in my words. I don't need to say more and today I think the best team was Chelsea.”
- Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho

“That's Jose for you, he's been a credit to English football, he makes us laugh now and then.”
Liverpool FC captain, Steven Gerrard


The England midfielder also admitted Jose Mourinho's comments before the game had motivated the team. Stupid Jose, definitely the biggest ‘bad loser’ of all time. Just admit your team failure, bodoh…!

Manchester United Bodoh...

AC Milan crushed Manchester United 3-0 in their Champions League semi-final second leg at the San Siro to set up a repeat of the 2005 final against Liverpool. -


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ... aku ada terbaca dalam posting kau terdahulu kau labelkan MU sebagai mangkuk. Apasal sub-topik kau kali ni MU bodoh pulak. Si mangkuk dan bodoh ni lah yang yang clinched their EPL award 2006/2007 after Chelsea failed to claim 3 points last night. Yang mangkuk adalah Chelsea. Team mangkuk ni lah yang ada player yang menang both PFA utk youngster dgn senior dan terbaru menag writters choice award. Nak aku ceritakan lagi pasal achievement si mangkuk ni.... he he he tak payah la .....

Mr. Right said...

Tau tak apa beza Rashid Sidek dengan Yang yang or Heryanto Arbi?

Rashid Sidek hold a record as player yang menang Malaysian Open paling banyak.

2 words:
Jaguh Kampung.

Nothing wrong with that, congrat for league title and all the best in FA Cup, please let Moronho finish off his Chelsea days with a sad note.

Penulis Biasa said...

haha!!! betul tu ac.. aku sokong!! nape tetibe lak man u bodoh?? xde kaitan langsung..tak kisah la org ckp jaguh kampung ke, ape ke at least man u dah menang 1 cup, kalo menang lak FA Cup, dah double.. Liverpool belum tentu lagi menang satu Cup pun..haha!!

Anonymous said...

MU = Mangkuk? Mangkuk ape ek..Mangkuk Ha_ _ _ ke..eeemm...ntah..kuang kuang kuang..

Mr. Right said...

aku cakap bodoh sebab...

Jarang2 or rasanya no team before this season kalah semi champ league after won the 1st league. So, Chelsea and M.U bodoh since broke that record.


aku simply kutuk M.U bodoh even not related to champ league.


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