Thursday, May 31

Latest Transfer Gossip

With EPL and almost all European club competition come to an end this month, peminat bolasepak akan officially menjadi pemerhati ‘stock market’. Pasaran saham jual beli player. During this period or club official site (for me, are not the best source of info anymore. They will not produce the most juiciest and controversial gossip. We can’t expect to expose any Liverpool target, kan. And will only publish solid and proved news. For past several years, I have been using to provide me with any latest news during this period, although some of the news simply out of this world. Who cares… actually a news portal, they will feed all news related to any particular subject and put it on one page for our easy viewing.

The intensiveness of the news links includes news from, even Sarawak Tribune. So, if there is any publisher around the globe write any news related to Liverpool we will be able to read it there. And the page update every 5 minutes. Cool right?

For other topic, simply explore the site yourself.

Talking about cool, jika rakan-rakan disini boring tak tau nak buat apa. Play this ‘game’.

  1. Go to
  2. key in aku betul
  3. press ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’
  4. Wallaaah..!



Anonymous said...

I dah lama baca blog ni. Siapa mr right? nak berkenalan boleh?

Anonymous said...

just nak ko review pasal tag : everywoman -apostasy-20 apr 07 - youtube..

Mr. Right said...

Nak kenal? Tak kenal lagi ke? Aku dah letak nama penuh, gambar, no phone pun aku pernah post. So, dah kira kenal lah tu.

Aku dah malas komen isu2 sensitive. Kena kurang2kan sikit. Lagipun aku tak berapa faham isu tu. Benda tak faham kalau aku komen, cuma menampakkan kebodohan diri sendiri.

Anonymous said...

recognizes ping dagenham uniquely responsein currently callously infant elevation karger equivalent

Anonymous said...

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lolikneri havaqatsu

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