Monday, May 21

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Notice: To non-muslim please take this posting very lightly. Not very much related to you guys.

First I want to write E-Islam as the post title, since people always put letter ‘E’ infront of any word to indicate the cyber side of it. Such as, e-mail, e-banking, e-government, e-dagang, e-perolehan. I not really sure why? I believe ‘E’ there stands for ‘electronics’ but communication as whole not really about electronics anymore. Or maybe it is la… stop. That’s not the main issue here.

I received a forwarded email from a friend indicate that listed below are the websites related to Islam but developed by non muslim (Jews) in order to provide wrong information to all muslim and divert our ‘akidah’. I not sure it is true or not, my email to JAIS, JAWI received no concrete reply. Maybe they already published an article or ‘fatwa’ regarding this issue that not came to my attention.

Hope friends here can provide me some information.

1. – Christian & Muslim Dialogue

2. – Forum base, currently under upgrading

3. – Online search service

4. - provide a unique interpretation of The Quran

If we follow the link all the websites are currently running.

Watch out guys… to be safe, I believe better for us to surf local Islam base website, especially developed by government agencies. Of cause not the one that been hacked by some morons la.
(Web Jawi kena hack - Metro 17/05/07)

Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor

Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)

JAKIM English

P/S: I not sure true or not, website belong one of my friend from Aku Betul…! Mr Shah has been hacked by one stupid joker and I believe he demand something in return to release the site. Shah, is it true? Or just a security testing or a prank?



Anonymous said...

a'kum encik aku betul. saya student Malaysia dari UK. Saya bnyk ikuti blog2 spt Roslan SMS,NIkNazmi,Nurul IZzah etc n blog encik pun ade skali. Saya nak suggest 2 blog y saya ikut gak utk Islamic info:

2) ni cume sesuai ut remaja kot)

Anonymous said...

Mr right,

btul web aku kena hack tp aku malas nak btulkan. sebenarnya aku sibuk gn blog omputeh aku dan projek2 yg lain.

Ko leh tgk blog omputeh aku kat

projek terbaru aku adalah dimana aku provide free blog kpd member2. ala..mcm la. guna script wordpress mcm yg ada kat tau kan?

Mr. Right said...

Ahmad Shafie,
Thanks for the info.

Abis tu ko buat tak tau je ke? Wah byk project ko ye.. byk la masuk...

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