Monday, June 4

Just Joking

Notice: Quickie, and very light stuff, my laptop still under repair.

I love joke. I’m kind of person that sometimes I google ‘joke’ and when I found one interesting site I will stay at that page for hours.

There are a lot of local joke page nowadays. But what makes me sick is the amount of cheap joke that people copy from English version. The most common one are they change ‘blonde joke’ to ‘Pak Pandir’ or ‘Pak Kadok’. Is that lame or what?

As we all knows, in western society or at least among youngster, they consider girl with blonde hair is the most stupid among all. So, there are a lot of joke use them as a fun character. Of cause the stupid characters just like our very own Pak Pandir and Pak Kadok.

I don’t think good or I don’t think it is necessary for me to prove where I got these jokes. I just want to show how lame and stupid people try to ‘Malaysialize’ Blonde Joke.


AM Radio

Did you hear about the blonde who just bought an A.M. radio?

It took her two weeks to figure out that the radio could also

play at night.

A.M Radio

Selepas membeli radio. Pak Kadok pergi ke semula ke

kedai tersebut selepas 1 hari.

“Aku nak ganti rugi” jerit Pak Kadok

“Tulis sini A.M Radio tapi kenapa malam-malam pun

berbunyi” Sambung beliau.

Here joke that I create myself. Have my signature written all over it.

Nak tengok gambar handsome aku?

- Monyet tanya kambing.

Monyet serahkan cermin muka kepada Kambing.

“Wahh..! hodohnya muka kau.. ada janggut, ada tanduk pulak tu….

- Jawap Kambing sambil ketawa guling-guling


Anonymous said...

Oi, ada bukak soccernet dak ari ni.
Congrat l'pool supporter.

Spurs highest paid player, Robbie Keane, 40k/week.

Mek Rose said...


Mr. Right said...

Soccernet? Citer apa? L'pool supporters paling teruk ke? Errrmmm... season dah abis, dah le tu.. next season kita citer balik ok. Sekarang time to celebrate local football. Score Yob Score.

Sapa monyet and sapa kambing? Hehehehe...

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