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National Football Squad for Asian Cup

Semalam aku dengan member-member rajinkan diri pergi tengok Malaysia belasah Cambodia 6-0 di Stadium Shah Alam. Not much we can say about their performance. One thing for sure, majority yang hadir bukan penyokong bolasepak, tapi pengkritik. Pengkritik yang betul-betul ikhlas dan sedikit kejam. Makian dan cemuhan mereka tak kenal player, pegawai, setiausaha agong, referee, atau siapa sahaja. Termasuklah Rita Rudaini yang datang menyokong 'abang' tercinta. Si Aidil pula berjaya mengadiahkan buah hati beliau dengan satu jaringan cantik pada minit-minit akhir.

So, aku pun terpanggil to give my 2 cents regarding Cikgu Jan's selection.

DATE and TIME: 17th June, 2007 at 2pm
VENUE: Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam

National coach named his squad for Asian Cup Final this July.

Since ramai peminat rajin analysis perkembangan bolasepak antarabangsa, biarlah aku cuba analysis bolasepak tempatan. Susah juga since aku jarang tengok bola tempatan kalau bukan pasukan Perak main. To be fair, I will not throw my sting opinion, let talk about statistic and figures.

Antara semua penyerang kebangsaan yang dinamakan, cuma used-to-be Kedah darling, Akmal Rizal berjaya buat comeback this season and managed to register 6 goals. Aku juga shock bila aku found out dalam list scorer untuk Super League there are no Safee Sali, Indra or Hairuddin names. If the record from FAM.org.my is correct, 3 out of 4 national strikers failed to score even a single goal for their team in Super League. Maybe Norizan select them base on their performance in FA Cup or Malaysian Cup, which I failed to found any goal scorer record. There are only 2 local players inside top 10 goal scorer of Super League. And both of them failed to secure a place in national squad.

Keita Mandjou (Perak) – 19

Shahrazain Said (Brunei) – 19

Marlon James (Kedah) – 17

Walter Silva (Johor FC) – 16

Khalid Jamlus (Perak) – 12

Sharlei Miranda (T’ganu) – 11

Chepita (Perlis) – 10

Azlan Ismail (Perlis) – 9

Frederico Santos (N.9) – 9

Chaswe Nsofwa (TMFC) – 8

Even if we divide the players base on teams they represent, it will raise few questions. Majority player, excluding the waiting list, are from Pahang and Selangor both teams has 4 representatives. While Super League powerhouse Perak and Kedah only has 2 players, and only sole representative from Perlis and Terengganu. Pahang's and Selangor's point combined, still can't make them leader of Super League.

Statistic from Premiere League also did not helping us to figure out how Norizan pick his player. Local top scorer there did not make a cut. Even players from lowly PKNS and Kuala Lumpur manage to squeeze in.

3 Questions:

1. Why Norizan did not pick player base on current form?

2. Is it true, Norizan play a very small part in selecting the player?

3. Asian Cup Final, some sort of FAM rewarding their senior player?

Tapi tak kira kalau mereka ambil budak Sekolah Bukit Jalil sekalipun, aku akan cuba untuk pergi menonton sambil menyokong dan mengkritik pasukan negara Julai nanti.

All The Best...!

Complete team list:

Penjaga gol:
Azizon Kadir (Negeri Sembilan), Suffian Abdul Rahman (TMFC);

Kaironnisam Sahabuddin Hussain (UPB-MyTeam), Hamzani Omar (Johor-Pasir Gudang), Nazrulerwan Makmor (PKNS), Fauzie Nan (Perlis), K Nanthakumar (Perak), V Thirumurugan (Kedah), Rosdi Talib (Pahang), Aidil Zafuan Abdul Radzak (Negeri Sembilan);

Hardi Jaafar (TMFC), Norhafiz Zamani Misbah (Pahang), Ivan Yusoff (Kuala Lumpur), Fadzli Saari (Selangor), Shahrulnizam Mustapha (Perak), Eddy Helmi Manan (Johor FC), Nor Farhan Muhammad (Terengganu), Ahmad Fauzi Shaari (Kedah), Shukor Adan (Selangor);

Akmal Rizal Ahmad Rakhli (Selangor), Safee Sali (Selangor), Indra Putra Mahayuddin (Pahang), Hairuddin Omar (Pahang).

Syed Adney Syed Hussain (Selangor), S Subramaniam (Perak), Khyril Muhymeen Zambri (Kedah), Amirulhadi Zainal (Selangor), Azi Shahri, Azmi (Perlis), Rezal Zambery Yahya (Negeri Sembilan), Ronny Harun (Sabah).

Picture and statistic from www.fam.org.my


Anonymous said...

Not to say but true and truth hurt.
Malaysian soccer is JUNK !!!!
Totally pointless to support.Most of the player keen to seek for glamorous. Their greatest achievment would be to be in front cover of the other Malaysian JUNK..HAI magazine.
Or maybe to date the most popular artist.
Totally a WASTE!!!!!

Once a local soccer supporter I am, but it is a GREAT disappointment to watch them nowadays!!!

-Ipoh Lads-

Mr. Right said...

Damn true. Most of the player sucks, FAM super duper sucks, even MSN sucks. Walaupun this morning I heared they gave 12 million ringgit to FAM.

But what your contribution to make thing better?

Anonymous said...

honest to say..tak braper ambik tahu pasal local team nie...more than 15 years tak gi stadium..one reason to say..local team suck!..(bukan nak berbangga dgn team lain..cuma mcm tak best plak skarang nie..)im really miss PIALA MALAYSIA..(STATE VS STATE PLUS WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN AND SINGAPORE)

Mr. Right said...

Sampai bila nak lupakan local scene?

Unknown said...

aper kehal soccer2 ... ingat ni us ker ... footbal la weh ...

bayangkan akmal rizal digandingkan dengan khalid jamlus ... aku rasa mmg menyengat barisan stricker kita!!!

dulu khalid jamlus masuk, akmal rizal injured ...

skang akmal rizal masuk, khlaid jamlus plak tak terpilih ... hampeh tol!!

Anonymous said...

Mr right,
As a civilian, the only way that we can contribute is to go and watch the game, or in other words to give moral support..rite?
(that is the only thing I can come out with)
Well at least by buying the ticket, our soccer players can get a piece of it.
So believe me, even the ticket is very cheap but for that kind of games..it doesn't worth any cent!!

Sorry to say..it's hurt but true..

Mr. Right said...

Yup... that the answer I want to hear. Go and watch the game. Not just watch sport news, or worst just read wat those morons reporter writes.

Anonymous said...

what more to expect from malaysian soccer..as long as the quality of the leagues organised by FAM doesn't improved Malaysian soccer will remain pathetic. Tengok aje lah cara Malaysia main tactically...very predictable...bukan bagi senior team aje but for all peringkat umur...nothing interesting to watch in Malaysian soccer except bila nak tengok akmal, khalid main...kalau dulu mesti best pegi tengok the likes of supermokh(alfatihah),santokh, chin aun, reduan abdullah, aru, shukor salleh, the bakar brothers just to name a few...saya rasa pemain malaysia la ni lack physical strength..kena langgar sikit jatuh, nak buat man to man marking pun tak boleh pasal tak kuat..but this lack of strength can be covered by players with football brains and speed and agility...kalau dulu kita ada player big size macam zainal pun dia tak lah agile sangat...lembek jugak...so what do we do now? is it lack of training? kehidupan glamour? diet orang Malaysia? atau kita memang tak bagus?..there's so many reasons only those with guts yang nak jadi pemain cemerlang masa akan datang yg dapat tentukan...obviously future players must have the guts to play in better leagues than that FAM offers before we could dream of playing in world cup. If we cannot consistently be champ of Asean, then lets not dream of becoming Asian Champ or even play in the world cup. Nonetheless I still pray the present players can rise to the occassion and play like a champ in big tournaments...if Greece can do it why can small team like Malaysia...jez my satu sen worth

Mr. Right said...


Thanks for your 1 cent. Walaupun aku percaya the value of that opinion are far higher than that. I totally agree with you.

Ask normal as it sound, just hope this Asian Cup Final Malaysia will pull some surprise result.

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