Saturday, June 23

Power Point 20th Years Anniversary

Yesterday and today aku busy buat presentation. This Monday some big shot from DBKL finally reply our invitation and they will pay us a visit. (Why I said finally? Read here: DBKL Sucks). So, my boss said MAYBE I need to prepare few slide shows. Not much la, just to give them an idea how sucks my job is….Hahahha… Malasnya nak buat presentation, dah lama tak buka PowerPoint.

Sambil belek-belek presentation yang lama and add few fresh stuff aku terbaca about PowerPoint celebrating its 20th anniversary from Aku interested to find out more, and then aku follow all the links from there. Aku end up here:

Website belongs to inventor of PowerPoint. Currently he handle various other projects, but it is fascinating to found out how big PowerPoint is. Microsoft bought the product for USD 14 million back in 1987. Microsoft not just bought the idea; they also employed Robert to become their employee. By 2003, PowerPoint revenues for Microsoft exceed USD 1 billion and the program used by over 500 million worldwide. Research also indicates each day, approximately 30 million PowerPoint presentations being made every single day. Cool huh..!

Then I wonder how Robert Gaskin presents his idea to potential investor, back during those early days. Here one of the early presentations:

Christopher Columbus Presentation

It is not the earliest presentation though, Robert present this while introducing PowerPoint 3.0, but Interesting to knows, they show a mimic presentation by Christopher Columbus seeking approval from Queen Isabella to venture trip to America.

After all this years, with so many new product and tools being invented. Many believe, PowerPoint still the best.

I also just found out, there is also a website just like YouTube, where we can share our presentation with others. Now I know where my friends get funny .ppt file and forward it to make use of Yahoo! Mail and Gmail inbox size competition.

Here one I found: What A Night

Ok, stop blogging. Nak siapkan presentation.

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