Wednesday, June 13

Sungai Wang

Dulu masa mula masuk university, ada seorang kawan tanya, “Sungai wang tu besar ke? Air nya jernih ke?...the rest of us laugh like mad…

Nevermind, I’m not going to talk about Sungai Wang Plaza. Aku nak cerita pasal aliran wang yang aku ibaratkan umpama sungai. Seingat-ingat aku, aku pernah bercerita pasal benda ni dengan member-member. Now I want to share the same thought with friends here pula.

Just imagine, each day there are billions of ringgit (or in what ever currency) money changing hands. Money move from one owner to another. We pay our lunch RM5.00, so that money jumps from our pocket to restaurant register machine. Then, our company pays to supplier thousands of ringgit per day, our customer pay to our company slightly more than that. You guys understand what I try to say, right? Daily, around the world billions of ringgit move to so many directions. Just like raging river current.

The question now is, how many landed in our hand? Berapa banyak yang kita dapat each and single day compare to billion of ringgit ‘travel’ around the world? Or if I want to use the river ideology, how much water we managed to scoop from the river? If you like me, average guy, another brick on society wall, believe me, we got almost nothing. Simple calculation, salary RM2600 per month, divide by 26 working days… end up RM100.00 per day. So, each day virtually RM100.00 moves from our company account to our account. RM100.00 compare to billions of ringgit, almost nothing, right? Kalau rajin go and search how many other famous people make per day. Last time I check, Bill Gate makes more than RM10 million per day.

Why these happen? As I always mentioned here, mencari alasan adalah benda kedua paling senang dalam dunia selepas makan free. Forget about all the excuses, I hope by now you guys realize how small we are in money minded society. So, with that I invite friends here to join my online-money-generator program. Click below for details;


Hahahhaa… I’m joking. No fast track in life. I hardly believe any online scheme. Aku sendiri do not know how to get wet from sungai wang. I just hope this article will motivate someone here to make any move towards better financial. If you guys got any kind of idea, try to forget anything that hold you back and make a big step forwards. Kalau ada idea nak berniaga goreng pisang, this weekend terus pergi beli/buat gerai atau pergi cari modal (jumpa kawan, saudara, girlfriend lama, jual motor). Then terus pergi pasar atau masuk kampong to look for supplier yang jual pisang. Jangan pendamkan idea tu dari angan-angan, jadi impian kemudian menjadi harapan yang tidak kemana. Mulakan sekarang…!

(Wahh…dah macam pakar motivasi… hahaha….)

Ini kerana, someone pernah beritahu aku;

“An idea is nothing without execution”

Or naughty mind will say…

“Sex is nothing without penetration”… Hahahhaa…related kot…

P/S: My salary is not RM2, 600.00. Each month company will calculate as 26 working days for overtime claims, so for easy calculation I gave RM2, 600.00 as example.


Anonymous said...

tricky question nie..malas nak fikir brapa yg abis bulan abislah kat tangan..mcm cara dah cuba..mungkin gak kena ada usaha plus rezki baru bleh dpt lebih skit..kalau harapkan usaha jer..semua orang tak semua orang berjaya..

Mr. Right said...

Memang rate yg gagal lebih dari berjaya. Tapi aku rasa lebih baik gagal mencuba dari dok diam tak buat apa2.

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