Friday, February 2

Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART)

There are plenty of reason for us to be proud as Malaysian. Our leaders successfully portray the image of developing Muslim country to the world. No, I am not sarcastically puji kerajaan. Memang secara keseluruhan mereka berjaya, but of cause there are slack here and there that need to be improve. Let leave that to Opposition parties and BN to argue about, at least for today.

This is another story that we can brag about to our foreign friends: SMART

Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) lift up to its acronym name as a very innovative engineering genius to solve traffic problem around Sungai Besi and also hopefully will avoid masalah banjir kilat di Kuala Lumpur.

In short here how its works:

Is that cool or what…..

Gamuda and MMC Berhad claims ianya direka dan dibina dengan kepakaran tempatan. No need for us to investigate whether they lying or not, I always trust what I want to hear. So, until somebody buktikan mereka tipu kita semua boleh berbangga dengan hasil usaha anak tempatan building the first tunnel of its kind in the world. Hoorey..!

Terowong bernilai RM1.9 billion ringgit ini akan open to public on March 2007. Hope cerita MRR2 tidak akan berulang. Buka, tutup, buka, tutup.. pening.

But, looking at Gamuda’s track record, I not sure city folks will going to be too happy to use this 3 km motorway tunnel. Gamuda involve in KESAS, LITRAK, LDP and SPRINT. Sound familiar?

Another thing, I happen to watch the documentary of the tunnel’s construction dalam Discovery Channel few months ago. Not sure dalam rancangan Man Made Marvels or Mega Builders. One thing came to my intention is all the sub-con of this project are company that majority perkerjanya adalah orang India. I mean Malaysian Indian. Almost entire constructions site full with foreign workers (Indon or mat salleh) and local workers yang berbangsa India. I wonder why….?


Anonymous said...

Kenapa pekerja India ramai? Kroni Samy la tu.

Anonymous said...

bukan engineer die dr jerman ke?ish2.....

Mr. Right said...

Aku dapat info from wensite Gamuda, they not mention any German company involved. Maybe they hired engineer orang putih.

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