Monday, February 5

Nobel Prize Will Shut Him Up?

Can’t stop myself to sent 2nd entry of the day. I want to congratulate mantan Perdana Menteri Malaysia for Peace Nobel Prize nomination.

Unnecessary for us to crack our brains out to find out why on earth two Christian groups (Serb Civil Council and Croat National Council) together with Sarajevo School of Science and Technology submitted Dr M name. They probably have their own good reason.

So far, few names je from Asia pernah menang Nobel Prize, Vietnam's Le Duc Tho, the 14th Dalai Lama (1989) and Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi (1991) .

One question, adakah Nobel prize akan membuatkan Dr M betul-betul retired dari dunia politik? Macam mana pun, it’s about time munculnya Pemenang Anugerah Nobel from Malaysia. Let’s pray for Dr M to grab the award. If he won, we can proudly say Malaysian kick American ass. Since Al Gore pun nominate for the award..Hahahaha…


Anonymous said...

Tahniah Dr Mahathir, moga terus membanggakan Malaysia. Mahathir still Super Champion.

Unknown said...

A Nobel Peace Prize should only be given to a human being not an animal. As far as I know Mahathir doesn't belong to the human race. He is as guilty as Bush. At least Bush doesn't do it to his own people. Mahathir thinks of nothing but political survival. Anyway he will not get it. He will continue to shout till he drops dead.

Anonymous said...

u know what? people definitely change. plus, you should give credit where it dues.

If a thief loves his mother, does that make his love less value than our love to our mother? despite him being a thief, we should complement him for the love. That's 2 separate things.

Congrats Tun!

Mr. Right said...

Wah bencinya kau dengan Tun Mahathir. Ada cerita menarik ke?

Jangan la kejam sangat dengan orang tua tu. Ada juga kebaikan dia. Maybe tak sampai tahap boleh dibinatangkan. Tapi maybe kau ada reason yang kukuh kenapa labelkan dia sebegitu. As far as i think i know u, kau bukan jenis yang simply labelkan org sebegitu teruk.

Setuju dengan kau. Contoh yang menarik.

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