Monday, February 12

Always Blame on Government

Kisah 1
Around 9 years ago, 1st year kat UiTM, I with my friend lost in the middle of brick jungle somewhere in Kuala Lumpur looking for Jalan Pasar. We want to buy electronic part to finish up our project. As a kampong boy, boleh kira dengan jari berapa kali aku datang KL ikut family or relative. Then even after few months stay at Shah Alam aku still buta jalan di sekitar KL. We are looking for famous Jalan Pasar, Pudu but end up at Jalan Pasar, Sentul. Kami berhenti tanya polis ronda, he said there are a lot of Jalan Pasar in KL, since almost all road near pasar will be name as jalan pasar. Tentunya metropolitan macam KL ada banyak pasar. Semasa kami sesat I still remember my friend angry at me bila aku cakap, one day we will laugh about this. Then, after almost one day of hard work, we finally managed to buy beberapa diode, resistor, dan beberapa utas kabel. Sampai rumah, again I told my friend satu hari kita akan teringat benda ni dan pastinya akan pecah perut gelak.

I not sure he still remember it or not, but for me its at least create a smile on my face every time aku teringat kisah tersebut.

Kisah 2

Together with 4 of my stupid friends, we make a pact. Anybody who gets married first will have to pay RM100.00 to others. We made this deal, I believe somewhere in 1999 or 2000. I told them, this thing will haunt us forever and we will laugh at it for so many times in the future. Now, me and 2 others stay in Klang Valley while seorang di Johor dan seorang lagi di Perak. Walau tak jumpa beberapa tahun, everytime we met, exchange email or sms same question akan diutarakan. Who the hell going to give up and getting married? After 7 years, last night we get preliminary confirmation, one of our ‘gang members’ will surrender dan akan berkahwin middle of this year. Yabedabedu..! Next few months I will be RM100 richer. Of cause, bukan banyak sangat nilai duit tu, but imagine the rest of us boleh kutuk loser tu forever. We can tell this bet to his children, and insyaAllah panjang umur we can even make his grandson laugh. Hahahaha…

Why I wrote these two stories?

Errrr… Kenapa kerajaan bodoh sangat create different street with same name? And RM100 will not even enough to support our trip to Kota Tinggi for attending his wedding and receive the money. I want to blame Malaysia government for this, if we knew the toll and petrol price will be this high in 2007, surely we will at least double up the bet. Kerajaan bawah kepimpinan Barisan Nasional menyiksa rakyat dengan…ok, honestly I wrote those stories just for fun. Hope by reading kisah diatas boleh crack a smile on our face and buang mood boring, Monday blues.

Cheer up, everyday cerita benda serious, relax la sikit.

P/S: Seriously, it is possible to blame anybody for anything that happens to us. Just give it a thought…

PP/S: Every time I face big problem in life I still tell myself ‘One day I will laugh about this’… I think its help to calm me down.

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