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Blogger Power: Safeguard the Web for Children

When I was a litte boy kalau malas nak main guli, baling tin atau galah panjang, I used to ride my bicycle 5 km just to play video game at games arcade di Complex Aik Aik, Teluk Intan. Maybe zaman tu dah ada Nintendo, Gameboy or PlayStation but simply belum sampai kampong aku lagi.

But now, with computer and internet it just a finger tip away. Site likes, dah banyak lagi membenarkan kita main game percuma di site mereka atau kita boleh download dan main offline. What else teenagers love beside games?... tak perlu jadi rocket scientist pun kita boleh agak, SEX…! To be honest, dulu pun aku ‘cari’ bahan macam ni jugak. Tentunya difficult, since option yang ada quite limited. Printed material (buku or majalah) and video. Tapi sekarang, sama juga macam pc games, pornography material cukup mudah untuk diperolehi oleh sesiapa sahaja.

Beside commercial site yang need us to pay some amount of money to download or view their
‘priceless’ contents, there are also few individual or small company yang berikan percuma. Of cause their intention are just to gain traffic to their site and hope to generate money through advertisement (AdSense, Adbrite, etc.) Everybody knows the easiest way to attract attention adalah melalui bahan-bahan lucah sebegini, as popularly known ‘Sex Sell’. Although Pay-Per-Click (PPC) company try to do their part by prohibit any of their advert displayed on pornography site, but beauty of human mind always find a way to bend the rules on their favor. One famous tactic are using this sex related site untuk link kepada their ‘clean and income generator site’. Got it? Let say I build ‘’ then dalam site tu aku isikan dengan gambar lucah, clip video, cerita dan macam-macam lagi. Believe me, buta I.T macam aku pun boleh buat site macam tu within 1 hour. Few promotion campaigns, I bet my new site will get around few hundreds or even thousands of visitors per day. So, somewhere inside that site I put a link, or lagi cantik kalau aku buat new site yang lebih menjurus kepada kehendak remaja, such as or Dalam dua site ni aku letak ‘clean’ content pasal video games and display few PPC advert. Maintain these 3 websites and build a few more clusters, I have in my hand a good income generator sites and can call myself a ‘Internet Entrepreneur’…Hahahaha, hakikatnya aku cuma menambah jumlah manusia keji atas muka bumi.

As a responsible adult, I hope kita semua boleh tolong monitor perangai adik-adik or anak-anak kita. Just check out apa mereka ‘cari’ dan ‘jumpa’ online. Dan pastinya we ourselves should try avoids visit unhealthy site since every single of my visit we increasing the traffic and sort like supporting them virtually.

As a blogger aku percaya we cannot stop pornography. The industry just too powerful for us, it is one of the most rich industry in the world. Tapi aku percaya, we can show civic consciousness and try our best to slow down their progress.

Here one way to do it: Blogger Power (

Blogger Power initiate by Jon Harmon and Mihaela Lica to make Internet a safer place for young kids. The idea was to have no free adult materials anywhere, they hope all pornography site will required password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. They want blogger all over the world to participate by post the logo and write about this issue, then submit the URL to them. So, they will compile everything and show to offline media that blogger against this so called ‘free pornography’ for kids. I hope all my friends here will give them a support. Optimistically this will create awareness among politicians around the world how serious our children being effected by this disease.


Anonymous said...

Kau sedarkan tak Blogger Power tu tidak larang commercial adult site? kira macam sokong jugak la.

Anonymous said...

why ko nak bg syarat pe org nak komen dkat tlsan ko?

myb ko jenis org yg right?

testo said...

good blog!!

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