Wednesday, February 28

Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran…? Let Criminalize War

We can possibly list down all kind of excuses, but we seriously won’t know what in George Bush’s mind. Nobody can tell what actually the real reason he send hundreds thousand of military personnel to Iraq, successfully end Saddam’s regime and his life. Despite the success, nobody knows why after few years there are still US solder walking around Iraqi soil.

The only explanation that in everyone guess list is Iraq now will be US hub for military base. Almost with the same reason they invade Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush now switch his attention to another member of so called "axis of evil", Iran. US accuse them sponsoring terrorist, in other words another bad guy in film directed by Bush. Of cause as Hero in this super-high-budget sponsored by US citizen film Bush will try anything within his power to create the best happy ending for everyone himself.

The fact is there is no logic explanation or legal foundation for Iraq invasion. And history will repeat itself within few months went US attack Iran. As usual Washington diplomatically offends Tehran by linking Tehran with terrorist movement and developing nuclear weapon illegally. But yet, Bush administrator failed to provide convincing evident to support their accusation. Currently everyone aware that anything Bush has in mind will become really one way or another. No wonder comically politician around the world believe the newly appointed UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon put himself in ‘Mission Impossible’ to make world a better place to live, like we have another option. Live in Mars anyone?

One thing for sure, even Bush own troops believe it’s a battle already won and they should leave now.

"Majority of 72% of American troops serving in Iraq think the U.S. should exit the country within the next year, and more than one in four say the troops should leave immediately” – survey by Le Moyne College/Zogby International

After saw 3155 of their friend die and more than 20,000 wounded or missing maybe US army believe they had enough taste of gulf war.

List of all the death in Iraq confirmed by US Department of Defenses: here.

Interesting finding from that survey,

  1. 93% said that removing weapons of mass destruction is not a reason for U.S. troops being there
  2. In the minds of 68% of the troops, the real mission became to remove Saddam Hussein
  3. Just 24% said that “establishing a democracy that can be a model for the Arab World" was the main or a major reason for the war
  4. 11% see the mission there as securing oil supplies

Funny to think about it, even US soldier have no idea what the hell they doing there.

So, who actually won the battle?

How justice can be done?

As stated by Dr. Mahathir recently:

"War should be made a crime…Those who actively promote war should be punished as criminals." - GlobalResearch

"We cannot arrest them, we cannot detain them, and we cannot hang them the way they hanged Saddam Hussein but we can label them as war criminals...that's how history will seem them," ChannelNewsAsia


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