Monday, March 12

Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong, 2007 All England Champion

Today newspaper will again full with those two happy faces. Their success will overshadow our single player failure in particular Lee Chong Wei. But as everybody agrees, we prefer cheerful compare to bad news, right?

If anyone here happens to have contact with those two, please ask them to meet Nicol David and learn how to maintain their composer and down to earth attitude. Because now the world of
badminton starts watching them with all the respect they can possibly imagine. After just 6 months playing together they already won 3 major titles and beat all top double players around.

Nicol have so many similarities with both of them. They young, take the world of the
sport by storm also use speed and youth energy as their main weapon. So, I really hope somebody will let Nicol teach them a few lesson how to handle success and fame. I personally met Nicol a number of occasions and I can tell you guys she one of the nicest person I ever met. If Koo and Tan manage to follow Nicol’s footsteps they will become badminton legend. They are no player in the world manage to accomplished what they already won so early in their career.

Last night they end Malaysian 25 years wait for All England title. All England is the oldest badminton tournament in the world. Some believe All England is bigger than Olympic and even World Championship in term of prestige. Koo and Tan won it without drop any single game…!

More about All England: here

I also found interesting trivia about them. They share same birthday, 18 September. Not sure the accuracy of that info, I found it from wikipedia. But one thing for sure by looking at their age, they have very bright future ahead. Hope nobody will let Koo and Tan mingle with Hafiz Hashim, we just don’t want to see another ‘one night stand’.

Everybody start puji dua anak muda ini. Pemimpin-pemimpin negara, Azalina, Ong Ka Ting, MSN even Pak Lah.

"Kita dapat semula apa yang kita hilang 25 tahun lepas… Saya amat gembira kerana mereka menang. Saya cuba menelefon mereka. Agak mengejutkan, Perdana Menteri tidak dapat menghubungi mereka" – komen/gurauan dari Pak Lah di petik oleh Bernama

Sekarang aku bertambah takut, even Pak Lah praise them that high. Please, someone must help them to tight their leg firmly on the ground. Tapi pelik juga kan, Pak Lah tak dapat contact mereka. Errmm… aneh tapi benar, sapa yang bodoh kat sini?

Update 13/03/07:

"We were caught by surprise when told that the prime minister was on the line and wanted to speak to us. I thanked the prime minister for his support and taking the time to call us," said Koo. - NST

Bernama cakap tak dapat contact, NST tulis dapat contact… aduhai… lawak betul.


Anonymous said...

Hope BAM wil consider your idea seriously. We can't afford to have another Hafiz. Arrange a meeting between SRAM and BAM and let Nicol have access to help Koo & Tan.

Anonymous said...

really good game la last night...still young & can go far..

hopefully they will joint nicol no 1 ..

Unknown said...

tension sial .. aku miss game tuh ..

Mr. Right said...

Last nite they beat world no 2 and won Swiss Open title. Quarter they beat World Champion and world no 1. Semi the beat Olympic Champion, legendary Tony and Chandra.. and yesterday they beat Europ Champion and world no 2. Cool or wat?

Anonymous said...

also when their names translated in2 english, they shared the same meaning - the sky. moreover, kien keat wears spectacle with a very high power, almost reached 1000 [0_0]

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