Monday, January 29

Sukan Sikit

  1. Malaysia kalah kepada Singapore 4-5, penalti.
  2. All our player out from Super Series Korean Open
  3. Sharapova demolished by superb Serena.
  4. Federer menang lagi.

Boring nak cerita pasal sukan. The only thing aku nak cakap, we can’t kutuk our football player. They already gave everything to beat Singapore. We just have to admit lady luck not on our side. But why on earth Norizan pick youngster Khyril to take crucial last penalty kick? He should choose player paling pengalaman, budak tu tahu if he failed Singapore akan menang, he just crack under tremendous pressure.

1 comment:

lankapo said...

mm malas nak ckp byk ...sakit ati jerk tgk..mmg takder luck lah

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