Wednesday, January 17

Sports Update

Politic Sikit:

Ng Chee Pang, 21 tahun adalah calon bebas yang akan lawan calon BN di Batu Talam. Cool kan..! Budak yang baru layak mengundi memang itu je selayaknya untuk lawan Barisan Najis. Roslan SMS ada cerita pasal lawak dari Utusan. Aku terfikir if less than 50% pengundi keluar membuang undi akan diadakan pilihanraya sekali lagi ke? Aku jahil undang-undang, but if true memang best. Pembangkang just promote supaya orang tidak mengundi (boleh kena tangkap kot) then, hopefully there will be pilihanraya kecil sampai bila-bila. Ha..hahaha..haha..

Related to Title:

There are a lot of thing happen in sport scene currently. Here few highlight:

Asean Football Championship

Malaysia luckily qualified to semi final thanks to Philippines or Malaysia rasuah player Myanmar kot...hahahaha… Since Sea Games yang lepas 5 Myanmar players didakwa rasuah and they brought Anti Corruption Police with them to Bangkok to ‘jaga’ player mereka this time. I believe player yang Norizan bawa ke Thailand adalah yang terbaik yang kita ada sekarang. We just lack of creativity dalam permainan and most player kita slow. Maybe Norizan patut trust few youngsters like Safiq or Saramsak. We need speedy left winger just like Khyril yang main sebelah kanan. Central midfielder, hope after few games under their belt together Hardi, Shukor and Nizaruddin will play better next time. Kita memang tiada striker since in MLeague pun foreign import je yang score. So, oldtimer macam Hairuddin are the best yang kita ada, if Akmal and Indra sihat maybe ada option sikit. Beside few silly mistakes, our back four are rock solid, experience, compose and aku percaya there are no strike force in this region can do any harm to us, even Singapore’s Nor Alam Shah yang score 7 biji lawan Laos. Goh Tat Chuan believes Nor Alam Shah and Indra Shahdan are the best forward in South East Asia sekarang. I don’t know why, but aku betul-betul menyampah dengan ex-Singapore player ni, he not selected this time, so consider ex la. Last night his colleague kat ESPN puji dia sebab correct prediction for group A, and he accept the compliment with a smile…bullshit..! I still remember in front of Shebby he said Malaysia have no chance to make it to semis. I really hope Singapore will top their group and allow us to kick their ass walaupun aku agreed Singapore are favorite to win the championship.

January Transfer Window

Aku cuma interested dengan transfer involve Liverpool FC sahaja, so here the update.

  1. Italy U-21 goal keeper Daniele Padelli from Sampdoria on a six-month loan deal
  2. Emiliano Insua from Boca Juniors on 18 months in duration loan.
  3. Swedish U-17 striker Astrit Ajdarevic signed for a fee of roughly £75,000. Ajdarevic played for Falkenburg in the Swedish 2nd Division
  4. Jamie McCarthy, the Scottish wonderkid, on progress.

Happy to see Liverpool strengthens their youth team. Arsenal gave them a lesson? Maybe…also in Liverpool front doors are Lucas Neill from Blackburn and Javier Mascherano from West Ham United, not a bad idea at all.

Also, rise few eyebrows are Beckham and Mourinho issue. Really hope Mourinho move to other club, I believe he will get better respect at other places, Real Marid, Milan or even national team like Australia and Guus Hinddink is not a bad option for Chelsea. Beckham heading to U.S, macam sireh pulang ke ganggang la. Popstar memang patut berada di L.A pun.

Australia Open

Roger Federer will continue his domination in world tennis. He promises to win all four major this year, selain dari teen sensation Rafael Nadal, there is no one stands between him and his dreams. Kalah dengan Roddick dalam tournament pemanas badan last week, indicate nothing. The only interesting event in Australia Open apart from Sharapavo’s dress is her rivalry with Amélie Mauresmo. I bet they will play in the final and my prediction Sharapova will be in the losing side. Maybe Kim Clijsters boleh buat kejutan and we will witness William sister comeback maybe in next major, not this time around. Tapi yang menarik ada ramai player Asia terlibat kali ni, mostly in woman category.

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Sportingo said...


I really enjoyed reading your sports update and it is not often that I find a blog that writes on Asian football in English. I would like to speak with you regarding publishing opportunities.

Budak Johor said...

hidup malaysia! Malaysia boleh! Liverpool forever!

Mr. Right said...

no thanks.

Budak Johor,
Malaysia Boleh, but Liverpool forever?.. macam tak kena je.. lantak kau la labu..

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