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Sports Update Sikit:Tinggal Chong Wei je player single untuk kibarkan bendera Malaysia at Malaysian Open. He will meet Boa Chunlai, among 4 Chinese single yang qualified to! Tolak Lin Dan, China still ada 4 world class single player. Top seeded in male category all swept out from the tournament thanks to Park Sung Hwan and young Malaysian pairs, Tan Bin Shen-Ong Soon Hock. If Malaysian pairs beat Tony and Chandra today, only then I can accept kemenangan mereka atas Fu Haifeng-Cai Yun-Fu is not a fluke. But I still believe our hope to clinch something this Sunday rely on Chong Wei and Koo – Tan partnership. Dan yang paling menyakitkan hati, macam biasa Hafiz tiba-tiba bertukar menjadi player bodoh, lepas menang 1st set. Bodoh..!

Live Result: Here (slow sikit, Flash)

More news on Malaysian Open: Here

New format for so called Super Series really excited badminton fans (at least in Malaysia), only the best player can enter the main draw and the draw is not considering the world ranking and nationality even in the 1st round. Also, there will be Super Series Ranking and Super Series Final at the end of the year, cool..! Hope the gamble by BWF will pay off to attract views around the world via ESPN or/and StarSport.

Ong Beng Hee cruised into the second round of the US$80,000 Windy City Open squash tournament. - TheStar

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An icon is a symbol to represent something. To appreciate and recognize achievement seseorang dalam sesuatu bidang kita juga akan menggelarkan beliau as an icon. When I heard anybody mention squash, definitely I will imagine Nicol David holding the giant world cup trophy. So, I believe she is the perfect example of a sports icon. Why she not choose to play tennis masa budak dulu? If not, I pretty sure she will kick Sharapova’s beautiful ass by now. Since person like her I bet she will excel in what ever field she chooses to involve with. She just knows the recipe for success.

Jimmy Choo (dia still ada share dalam company kasut tu ke?), Datuk Azhar, Leftenan Adnan dan ramai lagi contoh individu yang berjaya mencapai tahap tertinggi dalam bidang yang mereka ceburi. Everybody knows how important these icon to any society, right? They inspired us, they represent our country, they set a very high standard for us to follows and a lot more. Currently, I believe Malaysia kekurangan individu yang mampu menggalas tanggungjawap sebegitu.

We need:

1. World Class Performance Artist

Indonesia has Anggun, Thailand ada Tata Young we have no answer to both of them. Anita Sarawak hanya famous di Caesar Palace not even Las Vegas pun. Selain beliau, ada beberapa percubaan dari KRU, Ning, Pop Shuvit, still not even close to Anggun or Tata standard. Masa zaman filem hitam putih pula we managed to win few awards at Asia Film Festival through P.Ramlee and Bad Latif. Sekarang, cuma beberapa anugerah di festival kecil-kecilan. We desperately need an icon to lift our entertainments industry. I know our showbiz not in good shape since I can’t find any Chinese who support local artist. Remember, majority of our Ringgit Malaysia are in their hand. Urban Chinese, likewise urban Malays and Indian will only listen to English song while Ah Beng and Ah Lian support music dari Hong Kong atau Negara sekitanya sahaja.

2. Popstar Footballers

FAM conducts a sms contest last year to choose the most popular footballer for 2006. Tahu siapa menang? Syamsuri Mustafa, Terengganu’s goalkeeper. Last year Terengganu not even play in MLeague. No offence to him, I believe cuma saudara mara and kenalan dia sahaja yang send those sms. Tidak pernah dalam sejarah bola antarabangsa pemain paling popular plays between the poles. But we just have no striker or midfielder yang cukup bagus to be promoted by local media. Akmal Rizal pernah memberi sedikit harapan, but anak emak tu rindukan sawah bendang masa main dengan club di Perancis. Khairy and Jason Lo pun masa create MyTeam, their only hope are to find ‘Mawi’ dalam dunia bola. So, I totally agree with them.

3. Gorgeous Female Celebrity Chef

Apart from Chef Wan yang hanya diminati oleh makcik-makcik, aku tidak kenal mana-mana chef yang glamer di Malaysia. Florence Tan did appear dalam Travel & Living beberapa kali, but auntie itu mungkin used to be gorgeous la kot. I hope to see female, Malaysian version of Oliver Twist (Naked Chef). Imagine Marion (8TV) plays with sharp knife and hot boiling oil, sexxyyy.

4. Flamboyant Billionaire

Malaysia still in a stage where success and rich people are nerd, old and boring. There are no cool billionaires that mingle around with youngster and portray image sebagai orang kaya yang enjoy their life to the limits. Macam Donald Trump or Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Empire). Prospective to become one, Tony Fernesdes (AirAsia), Datuk Farid (TV3), and Khairy J (dia mungkin hanya menantu Pak Lah but he graduate from Oxford and successfully build his business even masa zaman Dr. M). Hopefully they will climb the ladder and jadi flamboyant billionaire satu hari nanti.

So, that’s it. The top four icons that I hope to emerge from somewhere to inspire us.

…..Salam Maal Hijrah to All Muslim…


syphoon said...

tu la nk kate M'sia ni bengong, mcm GIFA dulu2...

Mr. Right said...

Malaysian-born designer (), whose name the company bears, is no longer involved in the business, having sold his share in 2001. – AFP

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