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Freaky Friday - Not The Movie

Freaky Friday - The Movie

How much bad luck can happen to one man? A lot… Friday, 12 January 2007, I proudly said aku manusia paling malang didunia. I try not to make Aku Betul…!
a diary blog, by writing every single boring event of my life, but that day I believe worth to share with my friends.

Please remember, aku kerja sebagai fiber optic cable engineer for internet service provider, my series of bad luck mostly about my work, so in other words I revealing how bad our service, who cares, right? But actually, semua masalah yang bakal aku ceritakan hanya berlaku dalam satu bulan.

Start from 12:30 am (am..! pagi, tengah malam..), while watching my favorite sitcom at channel 70, I received phone call from my colleague about problem regarding fiber link to one of the residential area, I told him I look into it later, dalam hati aku “go to hell”.. midnight ni, esok je lah settlekan. 15 minutes later again he call and said our link to industrial area also ada problem. Industrial area ini ada corporate customer yang subscribe to our service dan bayar berpuluh ribu sebulan. Kalau perumahan, even ada beratus-ratus rumah pun belum sampai puluh ribu sebulan. So, I have no other choice but to start my car went to office and try to find out what the problem from our office. Failed to do so, I when to site with company vehicle, buat itu dan ini, around 3:30 I found out the problem and sedar I cant repair it by myself, I need my staff to pull new fiber optic cable and replace the broken one. Just like earthquake kat Taiwan la, but for me it is just a construction works buat jalan baru..hahhaha. I send message to all my staff and ask them to come as early as they can to help me. By the mean time, our CEO yang berada di China already send sms ask me to rectify the problem, ASAP. Around 4 am, I want to check the other link to residential area. Tiba-tiba van yang aku bawa tak boleh start. I alone kat construction area and try to find taxi, not really a best situation, kan. So I walk few kilometers to nearby condominium and the guard gave me taxi’s number. Aku call and few minutes taxi sampai. Bila aku nampak je meter taxi, aku terfikir pasal bayaran then aku check pocket belakang, oh my god… where the hell my wallet? Jatuh di site ke or jatuh dalam van company yang aku bawa tadi. Aku act cool and nekad if terpaksa I will ask pak guard at my office to pay for me first. Rupanya aku tertinggal wallet dalam my own car yang aku park kat office. Around 5:30 am, 2 of my staff answer my s.o.s message and they will come secepat mungkin. Lepas subuh 2 orang tu sampai and aku suruh mereka start usahakan link to industrial area tu. Then, beberapa lagi sampai and I ask them to rectify problem to residential area pula.

When we arrived je at the construction area tu, we saw a lot of people gathered new our cable, some dude terbabas and kereta dia masuk dalam longkang, near my cable. Last thing I want that time are police, ambulance and highway patrol datang kacau pekerja aku. Pukul 8, bila yang lain-lain sampai office they start kinda freak out with my sms and call me to know what happen, I just ask them to continue their daily works. Then, pukul 10 pagi, 1st problem selesai. We all move to 2nd one.

On the way to masjid for sembahyang Jumaat, I drove my own car, police stopped me ask for ‘duit minum’ since aku lupa pakai seat belt. Shit…! There goes my RM20.00. After sembahyang we continue repairing residential area link, then I received news saying the 1st problem yang kami setelkan pagi tadi, partly dah rosak balik. To be more specific, few customers instead of the whole area pula ada masalah. I on my way to have my lunch, divert my car and move to Subang Hitech. Around 3 pm, my staff managed to repair the link to residential area and help me at Subang Hitech. At that point we are very tired and aku sempat tidor dalam kereta setengah jam masa tunggu mereka. Pukul 4 pula, my support department said our link to Puchong ada masalah. Oh my god, can’t believe my ears. While my staff buat kerja di Subang Hitech, aku pergi Puchong to rectify the problem. That moment again aku terpaksa “communicate” with my CEO since there are big problem. And his instructions simple tapi menyakitkan hati. Then, my team came to help me near Sunway Piramid (repair link to Puchong). Around 7:30 pm, suara Badrul (support department) merdu je cakap the link dah ok. I told him, that’s it for today, aku akan off handphone office.

After belikan my staff a drink, 10 orang, koyak la jugak pocket aku. Then aku nak balik Shah Alam. Sampai di tol batu tiga, cermin kereta aku jammed. Tak boleh turun, orang belakang pula dah hon, yela line touch n go, mereka aspect sekejap je lah. Terpaksa buka pintu. Aku dah takut nak pergi mana-mana, terus balik rumah.

Mandi, makan bekal yang girlfriend aku bagi siang tadi. Fuh…Sedap mengalahkan masakan hotel. Sambil hisap rokok, aku tersenyum memikirkan akulah Manusia Paling Malang, 12 Januari 2007.

- Tak tidor dari pagi 11 January sampai malam 12 January
- Wallet 'hilang'
- Link problem to 3 places
- Kena 'saman'
- Cermin kereta rosak

Happening tak life aku..?!..Hahahaa..hahaha…


Anonymous said...

wah!!nama aku masuk tu dlm blog ko...haha!!terharu tul la..ni mesti nak suruh aku promote dia nye blog la tu...haha!!takpun nak surh aku tlg tarik fiber..hehe!!jgn la seday2 beb! tu semua dugaan..

syphoon said...

dats the wheel of life... =D

Mr. Right said...

Yup, correct.. dugaan and roda kehidupan.

Ada harinya aku free gila2, update blog, baca blog orang, then belek2 blog sendiri, baca blog org lagi.. boring..boring..

Anonymous said...

Hehe..Sian Dia..:-D
Takpe..DUgaan tuH!

Fid said...

apasal aku baru terbaca nih?

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