Friday, January 26

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Australian Open

At least half of my prediction is true. FedEx and Sharapova both in the final. I just can’t believe Serena William managed to make a noticeable comeback as early as 1st major of the year. We all knew when she at her best, she be able to beat anybody, hopefully not this time. Sharapova just too hot to be on the losing side. But why she wears same dress untuk setiap round? Boring betul.

Aku juga tidak faham how come Nadal kalah quarter final. He looks fit and strong as ever, maybe just another bad day at office. Talking about bad day, Andy Roddick knows everything about it. Kesian dia semalam, the whole arena laughing after the match when commentator asked Federer why he whacked Roddick 6-4, 6-0, 6-2. Fellow Malaysian also makes a headlines yesterday kat Australian Open. Associated Press photographer, Vincent Thian experienced a piece of Roddick mind, bila Roddick lepaskan geram and baling racket almost hit him. Nasib baik nobody injured. Hahahaha…


He used to be the best striker in the world. After 17 years old young boy introduced by Bobby Robson at PSV, rest of the world witness another Brasilian talent unearth for us to enjoy. Semua orang tahu kejayaan yang dia miliki, world cup, FIFA world player of the year, Champ League dan banyak lagi. Within next few days, he will wear AC Milan jersey. The interesting parts adalah, he the only player yang pernah dan akan bermain with 2 biggest rival club in the world football.

Barcelona – Real Madrid and Inter Milan – AC Milan

Barcelona snatched dia dari PSV before he move to Inter Milan. After Inter help him with his long term injury problem he snub them by signing for The Galaticos. Barcelona’s fan yang pernah sayang dia start to hate him a lot before the arrival of Ronaldinho. Now, he will again give another reason for Inter’s fan to hate him, by accepting AC Milan offer. Sama macam Khalid Jamlus, pindah dari Perak ke Selangor last 2 seasons. Then after 1 ½ years tak score a single goal semasa memakai jersey merah kuning, Perak dengan penuh kebodohan offer him a contract to partner Keita Mandjou. Stupid…!

Korean Open

All the best to Roslin, Hafiz, Chong Wei, Koo – Tan and Tan Fook – Wan Wah yang qualified to quarter final. Sayang sebab only one of our double will be in the semis. This Super Series draw kadang-kadang menyakitkan hati juga. Roslin sudah mula menampakan hasil dari training (or sparring) kat club di Denmark.

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Kalid jemlus dgn perak taun ni power apa....penjaring tempatan terbanyak tuuuuuuuu

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