Wednesday, November 26

Yoga Haram – Majlis Fatwa

Notice: As usual, when it’s come to sensitive issue I always advise you guys to think wisely before leave any comment. Jangan emotional, biar aku seorang je yang emo.

I don’t think necessary for me to write long introduction for this issue. Semua orang tahu kot. It’s all started when one lecturer suggest practicing yoga is haram for Muslim. Then Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan took his statement seriously, study, discuss, meeting, bla..bla..bla.. and they came out with a declaration ‘systematic and complete yoga exercise’ is haram for Muslim.

I refuse to join the debate, whether it haram or not. I don’t bother to argue. It is not my expertise. Since I never practice yoga, never had plan to do so and I always put my 100% trust on Majlis Fatwa, so I just assume their decision is correct. I leave it to yoga master and other ulama to discuss further, if required.

One thing that hurt me most about this polemic was the reaction by non-Muslim toward the fatwa. If this lady making noise, ok lah, she is a famous Muslim yoga instructor that makes a living from teaching yoga. If Sister in Islam (or Sister against Islam?) questioned the fatwa, I can still accept. As usual, they just bunch of young Muslim lady that try to hard to become famous. And I believe most of them still single, so they got a lot of free time to deal with this matter.

But, what the hell non-Muslim reporters, Ah Pek, Ah Lian, Ah Beng, Chinese bloggers, Hindus Guru, Samy Vellu, Tom, Dick or Harry also sibuk nak involve?

See this news, blog postings and comments I collected from Net:

Macibai! Not just they questioned the fatwa, they even dare to make fun of it. And some called it STUPID FUCK-WA. I really can’t understand lah. They not a Muslim, most of them not even practice yoga and majority found what yoga really means from wiki page, but still want to open their smelly mouth. To these stupid people, let me remind you guys the situation here….
National Fatwa Council declared it is haram for MUSLIM, I repeat… for MUSLIM to practice systematic and complete yoga exercise.
If you guys still buta huruf or buta kayu or can’t understand my broken English, let me rephrase it in our local language, Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia.
Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan menyatakan haram untuk umat Islam mengamalkan senaman yoga yang sistematik dan lengkap.
Aku ulang bahagian yang penting… haram untuk umat Islam.

So, please shut your fucking mouth up!

If you guys have no idea what to blog about, allow me to give some suggestion. You guys might consider to throws your stink opinion regarding these issues:

1. Recovering plan by US government to save Citibank.
I believe many Malaysians use Citibank credit card, right? So analyze what the impact to us resulting from Citibank financial problem.

2. Datuk Nicol Anne David perfect season.
10 titles in one year. Unbeaten for 54 matches. Go and create her personal website. Ask her to marry Datuk Lee Chong Wei and teach him how to kick Lin Dan’s ass for good.

3. TM HSBB (high speed broadband) project.
Billions of taxpayer money invested. After Najib take over Finance Ministry the project slowing down. Why? Najib try to potong jalan Khairy Jamaluddin’s geng?

4. Nazri Aziz stupidity in Parliament.
I can’t believe he refuse to apologies for his mistake. What a loser.

5. Paypals now available in Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Indonesia.
It is helpful? Or the terms make us confuse with our own language.

6. Billions of Ringgit sends by foreign workers to their home countries.
How they managed to do that? Makan pasir ke? Did we ready to send them home and take over their place in all industries?

7. Kangkung (Tee Keat and Soi Lek) relationship.
Kangkung masak belacan or kangkung kari? Where their hardcore supporters that campaigning for them during party election?

8. Liverpool will become EPL champion this season.
For sure, Hehehe… Liverpool fans just need to hope Ronaldo injured himself again.

Ok, point 8th maybe set for discussion in next few months or so, but rest of the issues quite interesting, right? I believe I covered all niche, just choose one that suitable for your ugly blog and write a full blogpost about it. Post your blogpost to all social bookmaking sites, bulletin board, innit, digg, forums. Then, ping every available search engine to make sure their spider crawl your blog. Hopefully you will gain a lot of traffic and become Kenny Sia 2.

Please channel your creative thought towards other issues dan jangan nak menyibuk dengan isu umat Islam. Tidak perlu jadi terlalu prihatin, we seriously think your opinion useless and not helpful at all. We have problem with some of the Sultans and your participation towards this issue not welcome at all. If ‘we’ want to move backward, sideward, merangkak, berjalan pedulikan. Leave us alone. It’s not about insecurity or what ever stupid sickness you can think off, I just hate when non-Muslim talk about Islam in very repulsive way.

Again, kalau still kurang jelas biar aku repeat sekali lagi..

Shut your fucking mouth up!

P/S: Aku dah cakap aku akan jadi emotional bila sampai bab agama, so, sorry for the nasty words.


Anonymous said...

memang sengal dorg ni..ada ke nak myibuk dgn hal agama org lain..kami org islam nak jadi lebih baik bkn mcm korg tu yang makin lama makin jahanam..uikss teremosi jgk lah..heee

Anonymous said...

Suruh diorang korek ponggong pastu cium lg bagus la bro..

guapunyahal said...

haha... bawak sabak.. bawak tenang...tarik nafasss.....lepas nafaaaasss...sssshhhyyy... heheheh

Azyyati said...

Posting yang bagus. Setuju. It's fine if they want to give some advice on yoga's so-called health benefits. However, this is an issue raised by MUSLIMS and thus intended only for MUSLIMS.

Perhaps yoga is indeed good for health, but that does not give them people who practice it the right to condemn the fatwa. Funny when you see these defensive Muslims tried hard to speak about Allah, Islam, Rasul etc etc when it is so obvious they did so many wrongs before our very eyes. And they go with "NOBODY'S PERFECT, ALLAH KNOWS BEST" motto, warning other people not to judge them by their appearance or the kind of clothes they put on.

Funny, but shameful. Must I say solat 5 waktu have so many health benefits?



Anonymous said...

dood, i don't agree to even muslims yg buat bising. why? because the NFC clearly stated that Yoga is PERMISSIBLE if it didn't involve any chanting of mantras or any other Hindu elements. I seriously failed to understand why yogainstructors, SIS and other muslims bising. Was it because they practise yoga the one with hindu elements?! I'm sorry to say dood, dorang ni bodoh.

How about the Hindu Sangam yg insulted sebab NFC tak consult dorang? this one i agree with Tun M; muslims can't eat pig...should the chinese feel insulted?

but c'mon! even yg terang-terang haram and forbidden stated by Quran lagikan what's the fuss about fatwa?

unicorn said...

betul tu..aku sokong.walopun aku xde laa muslim yg sempurna, smyg pun kdg2 miss, tp bila org lain(yg non-muslim lak tu) usik agama aku, mmg aku marah....jage kain sendiri laa!

Panduan Temuduga said...

biasa lah , panas kejap je menda ni.

Tapi ramai yg kurang ajar dan biadap, bodoh utk nak fhm. Sibuk hal orang. Jangan layan la, buang masa jek.

Baik concentrate dgn EPL haha, bleh mng ke thn angan2 mat jenin

Anonymous said...

tahap kebangangan negara berlaku akibat daripada sikap tolenrasi lembik lemau dan dayus sesetengah pemimpin negara yang tidak langsung cepat melenting apabila berkait dengan agama, terlalu pentingkan periuk nasi dan tahap kekayaan. Hanya lebih berminat pada isu yang mampu menaikkan nama dan menjatuhkan maruah.Ketuanan Melayu - tapi mana ketuanan Islam? Macam Mahathir kata, Islam haram makan babi. Apa pasal yang cina makan babi nak melenting dan marah. Bukan haramkan diorang makan babi pun. So, atas ramai banyak makan babi atau termakan babi lah, maka tindakkan membabi buta dari diorang yang tak tahu apa satu pun pasal fatwa ini. Pasal blog tu, tak lebih sekarang sampah yang dok dunia sendiri nak naikkan rating iklan. Oleh itu, mari kita tubuhkan KELAB MENENTANG BANGSA T (iaitu satu gabungan bangsa tak kira dari mana berperangai BANGSAT. Sekian timakasihhh!!

Anonymous said...

posting yg bagus beb!benggang nye aku!kalo bab2 agama nie mmg aku pn emotional.apehal diorg nie?aku rs diorg kene msk sekolah balik le...x paham bahasa....

Sy's Den said...

aku memang x paham ngan dorang ni suma.

Anonymous said...

aku baru tau pasal yoga ni.
aku tak praktis yoga.
aku rela main senaman parapara dance depan pc tiap pagi dan petang.

diorang tu kurang faham. meh aku bagitau.

tau air anggur? alaa jus anggur..
muslim and non muslim, dua2 minum air anggur.

yang jadi beza a.k.a haram utk org muslim minum bila air anggur tu dah ditapai (a.k.a dah campur alkohol).

air anggur = semua minum
air anggur + alkohol = non muslim tak minum sebab haram.

bagi aku.. yoga ni..
senaman ye la senaman.

tapi bila dh baca mantera2 (yng kita tatau apa laa erti mantera tu.. manatau mantera tu mengaggungkan tuhan selain Allah)..tu dh kira syirik. apa taknyer keluar fatwa yoga ni haram.

yoga = senaman = no problem
yoga + mantera = senaman + syirik (utk orang ISLAM SAHAJA = haram)

lol orang2 tu confuse kot ingat fatwa yoga tu haram utk seluruh suku kaum orang malaysia kot. hampeh ler kalau mcm tu.. ada degree ada master ada PhD pun otak masih tadika. tak pandai nk paham. agama masing2 punya hal la. apahal nk sibuk. diorang nk masuk islam kot. alhamdulillah, besar hati aku nk ajar diorang syahadah ngehehehe

apa2 pun.. fatwa tetap fatwa. tapi..if kuat hati boleh discard all mantera all humming during yoga, then aku rasa takde masalah buat yoga (maybe laa..)

..apa kata mantera tu kita tukar zikir ke, selawat ke.. kan lagi elok ehehe

..pendapat je..

Anonymous said...

betul..sangat-sangat betul, mr.akubetul.

my #1 ever comment in IT world. Tq a lot Mr.doods.

Ab Razak Hj Ahmad said...

Komen pasal Yoga ni memang melampau. Tapi komen pasal MFK haramkan pengkid lagi terlampau. NGOk siap buat demo kat KL. Yang bantah ialah non-muslim. Pelik demo tu dah disiarkan kat TV. Kat Youtube ada lah...

Baik concentrate EPL and UCL lagi baik... ha ha ha ha....

Anonymous said...

hi mr aku betul.1st of all,m your silent reader_kredit for ya yg menunjukkan blog awak bgs..psl post ni.yeah.they r all dem f**king stupid n terlalu sebok.for those who concern la..
"Komen dr Abikhsan - pasal Yoga ni memang melampau. Tapi komen pasal MFK haramkan pengkid lagi terlampau. " - i tot mungkin komen tuh kat atas komen nih je.

Actually, what is MFK??

Anonymous said...

kpd anon yg post pd 27hb NOV
MFK= Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan

x patut betul sestgh pihak kata MFK= m******* (fhm2 jelah)

khairul anwar said...

mmg betul skali mr right ni..aku rasa orang bkn islam tak patut langsung masuk campur dalam urusan orang islam.Majlis Fatwa ni bukan membuat keputusan secara suka2 jer..bahkan dorang mempunyai jawatankuasa yang terdiri dari pakar2 dalam agama,perubatan dan yoga yang telah menjalankn kajian terperinci terhadap amalan yoga itu sendiri.

khairul anwar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mek Rose said...

Before kawen ari tuh..aku join Gym..n ari sabtu ada Yoga..tapi aku tak pernah join..sbb ari sabtu kan..malehla nak g

n aku tak pernah lak buat Yoga..
baru2 ni..kat Astro Channel ape ntah..aku tak ingat..
Masa depa buat Yoga..depa buat bunyi nih...OOOmmmm...OOOOmmmm...huhu
seingat aku..dalam cite hindustan..depa seru nama tuhan depa...
ish...sib baik aku tak join Yoga..nngeheheh..

Anonymous said...

i disagree if muslim itself yg kecoh...
they should noe bila da ckp haram
haram je la...
lg pn yogakn ad part yg
kne mengosongkn jiwa...
penipu if diorg ckp
jiwa kosong then senang
nk dekatkn diri dgn tuhan....
well...they should noe better..
da besar da pn...

erm another part yg i disagree..
8.liverpool win epl?????
mcm mustahil je....

Mr. Right said...

Tak baik ckp cam tu. Kan aku ckp, bior aku sorg je emosi.

Ko lagi lah kejam. Sabar2.

Betul2... relax.

True. Agreed. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Betul. Byk lagi benda 'haram' yang tidak diambil peduli. Sepatutnya semua patut senyap dan setuju je dgn majlis fatwa.

Maybe kain dorg tak menarik utk diperkatakan kot. Sebab tu sibuk nak buka kain org lain..

Lebih baik angan2 mat jenin daripada takde angan2 langsung. Sekadar kutuk angan2 org lain je. Penakut namanya tu... hehehhe..

man hitam,
Aku nak jadi presiden club tu boleh? Cam best je..

Bukan tak faham, tapi buat2 tak faham. Cam sial!

Dorg semua bodoh dan kurang ajar.

tiang lampu,
Betul. Aku setuju dengan pendapat kau. Tapi Yoga dan air anggur lain sikit. Sebab even senaman Yoga tak lengkap pun tak digalakkan sebab takut2 terbawa2 kepada yg lengkap. Kena berhati-hati lah..

Rajin2 lah komen lagi. Good luck dalam mempromosikan blog dan selamat maju jaya dengan bisnes madu.

Aku pun bercadang nak komen pasal Pengkid tu, terlupa. Aku dah tengok youtube tu. siap ada lagu lagi...

"short hair long hair, stupid fatwa everywhere"

Cam sial!

MFK = Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan. Ahlinya para ulama, ustaz, prof.

Yang kurang ajar kutuk MFK tu patut dilokapkan je.

khairul anwar,
Betul. Ada org email kat aku complete report pasal yoga. Nanti aku uploadkan kat posting ni. Boleh baca dan kaji sendiri.

Sekarang tak pegi gym dah ye? Kenapa...? hehehe..

Wei... confirm EPL tahun ni Liverpool menang. Confirm... mcm aku cakap, just harap Ronaldo injured. HAhahaha...

All Turned To Ash said...

Apa kata ko buat posting pasal TM net punya project nak buat High Speed broadband. Apakah mungkin akan berjaya??

Mohd Hafiez said...

entah la... tensen jgk aku tgk non muslim kat m'sia nih...
terlampau menyebuk sgt....

nadz ruslan said...

x paham napa dorang nak sibuk2 pasal hal agama orang lain. rajin betul dorang amik tau pasal islam. amik tau sebab nak wat palatau, bukan sebab minat.
aku pasal agama depa aku x tau sgt pon.

x apalah maafkan mereka. kerana sesungguhnya mereka adalah dari kalangan orang yang tidak mengetahui..

Anonymous said...

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