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Notice: This is not an advertorial posting. I not that famous for them to pay me to write a movie preview. This is just another I-smarter-than-them-and-I-try-to-be-funny kind of posting.

Everywhere… ok, almost everywhere we saw or heard about James Bond latest movie, Quantum of Solace. For the last few months we witness all sort of offline and online advertisement Also introduction variety of product by 007 partners. There even have an online game created just for Quantum of Solace and Ford give exclusive right for Bond movie to show their new 2009 Ka model. It is really a massive promotion campaign.

Their partners include:





Most of the brands launched new model or at least some sort of limited edition packages that specially designed for Quantum of Solace. Cool right?

Locally, I heard CIMB sponsored free ticket for radio call-in, and Kenny Roger also create special menu just for Bond’s fans.

But I believe there is still room for improvement, There still a lot can be done to promote the movie. I would like to throw some suggestion to them.

1. Breaking World Record

I am referring to attempt for breaking longest movie watching record. Current record holds by Suresh Joachim and Claudia Wavra. They emerged victorious from the Netflix World Movie Watching Championships. These two watched a total of 57 movies continuously for 123 hours and 10 minutes, setting the new Guinness World Record for most consecutive hours spent watching movies.

Imagine if James Bond marketing team arrange movie marathon event, screening all previous Bond movies. If they show all 21 Bond movies non-stop for one whole week, I believe somebody will be able to break the record. It will give a huge marketing impact to the movie.

2. USA Election

I realize recent James Bond movies always free from political influence. They even carefully mention terrorist names or organization in previous Bond movie to avoid any controversy. But, US presidential race this time is the most anticipated battle ever witness by the whole world. Potential to see first African-American elected as USA president is too big to be ignored. I believe James Bond producer can exploit the perfect timing of the movie launching and US presidential climax to gain gigantic amount of media attention. They can simply donate into Barack Obama or McCain presidency campaign and ask them to display Bond’s 007 logo during their tour across USA, imagine the amount of public interest they will get.

Or they can create a storyline that includes James Bond visiting USA and involve in the presidential campaign, then use the footage for promotion. Last night Obama won the race and we will see first black USA president, when we will see black James Bond?

3. Exploiting Barclaycard Primere League Popularity
We all know James Bond is a British produced movie. So, they should make use of BPL popularity worldwide. Grab one or two BPL players use them in promotion campaign, they can even give these players cameo appearances in the movie. Imagine Gerrard become James Bond’s cool hometown buddy, Drogba play as villain’s friend, and Cristiano Ronaldo just being himself a gay footballer. How cool is that?

4. Give Me the Free Ticket.

Giving me the free ticket will not do any harm to the movie promotion campaign. Just read my previous movie reviews.


Not bad right? Ok… honestly the real reason I wrote this posting is to win a free ticket to watch Quantum of Solace. After watching Madagascar 2 for free last Tuesday night, I hope to get another opportunity.

The special Quantum of Solace screening organizes by with co-operation from GoMobile is a group/organization that promotes mobile lifestyle. They will also organising GoMobile2008 Expo, 20-23 Nov 2008.

This expo will create a space for all telecommunication players to come together showcasing their product and service also sharing idea and latest innovation among themselves. GoMobile aim is to formulate total mobile lifestyle and we will utilize mobile communication in each and every one of our daily routine.

For further details about GoMobile and their 'The Ultimate Mobile Lifestyle Event of the Year' please visit their website:

Why GoMobile bother to promote Quantum of Solace? Easy answer, James Bond is a perfect model for promoting mobile lifestyle.

See… he use Phone-Gun. Impressive, right? Even while he busy saving the world, he will never miss any call from his friends and family. That’s what I call ultimate mobile lifestyle.


Mek Rose said...

wah..besnye if dapat tiket free lagi..hehhe


marrang nung! said...

aku setuju...
bagi je ronaldo tu belakon part Gay footballer...
meletop la...
dia kan pelakon terhebat...

Anonymous said...

rajin tul ko dood. bini aku dah 3-4 kali dpt tiket pree dr utusan gn karangkraf tp tak g pun sbb tak minat dgn citer yg diberi. huhu...

Anonymous said...

wooo..gigih utk dapatkan tiket free. hehe. ala, aku rasa ko mampu nak g sendiri tgk cite tu tanpa dpt tiket dak?
cuma kepuasan tu lain kan if dapat free atas usaha kita masuk contest.
aku penah gakla join. budak umah dpt 4 masa calling2 radio era. even cite tu aku tak sker sgt..tapi aku join la kan kan kan..sape tamo..:D

semoga anda berjaya...amin..

unicorn said...

bagus bagus..usaha tangga kejayaan!

AJ said...

aku suka post ko... best lh...

Mr. Right said...

A'ah... takyah bayor.

Hahaha.. betul. Asyik2 jatuh je. Boring tul!

Citer apa yang wife ko dapat? Citer Melayu ke?

my girl,
Yela. Tiket wayang tak la mahal sangat. Tapi feel dapat free tu lain. Best je. Hahaha... cost aku pegi Damansara pun lebih compare dari aku pegi Bukit Raja, Klang.


Dah berjaya dah.


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