Wednesday, January 2

New Year Resolution

Busy today. Alot of pending stuff to look after. Damn... sometimes I hate holiday.

Still with New Year mood, I tried soooo hard put myself in these animals’s position and imagine what kind of New Year resolution that they probably have in mind. Kind of 18SX stuff, be prepared and don’t say I not warn you guys.

Find better job.

“Get rid of these stupid chain collar or at least look for new and longer one, obviously my gun not getting longer and I tired of half penetration”

Definitely need to find new friends. Can’t wait any longer for my turn….

My own garage.

Nothing.I’m in heaven….Hahaha...


Anonymous said...


Mek Rose said...

dah takde korje gamoknye si Aku Betul nih!!


Mr. Right said...

Bukan takde keja. Takde idea.

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