Thursday, January 3

Malaysia Truly Asia

Aku ada tinggalkan komen yang serupa dengan posting ini diblog roslan sms. Read the comment: here. Allow me to elaborate more on my statement there.

Is it a very creative and clever ads campaign, ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’. Damn true… Malaysia with so many races, ethnics, culture and religious… its like mini Asia. Indian, Chinese, Malays, Sikh and foreign workers from all over Asia… nobody can deny we are Truly Asia.

Cuba kita kaji dari aspect politic pula, adakah kita Truly Asia?

Emotional Politician Acts Like Small Kids

Click the image above and you will read about fighting scene in Korea parliament.

Our BN friend from Kelantan follow Korean footstep.

Life Bullet for Street Demonstrators

Click above to read news related to Indonesian authority shot street protestant using life bullet.

Remember Batu Burok?... Yup definitely we at least on par with Indons government.

… and the latest…

Sex Video!

Above link about pornography footage of Taiwan’s politician, Chu Mei-feng.

and here:

SEGAMAT: Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has
admitted that he is the politician shown in the sex DVD that
is being circulated in Johor…

From TheStar TV

Ok, to be fair maybe he just wants to try new medicine, new sex technique or something. He is a medical doctor (kan?) dan menteri kesihatan, so he just do us a favour by volunteer to become rat lab. Thanks Datuk.

Looking at bigger picture, sudah terang lagi bersuluh. Malaysia sememangnya TRULY ASIA. Tahniah kepada ahli politik kita.

Still not convince?

Read this article:

Tommy Suharto: Flamboyant Playboy – BBC News

Ring any bell?


Mek Rose said...

Malaysia Boleh!

Boleh dari segi ape ek??
Paham2 sendiri udohler..

Malaysia Boleh!


Anonymous said...

Kali ini kau memang betul. 100% betul. Malaysia... Truly Asia.

Anonymous said...

Kenny Sia also post almost same article as yours. Both equally creative.

Mr. Right said...



Biasa lah, Kenny tu selalu tiru aku. Hahaha...

Nampaknya, ramai org makin menyampah dengan topic politik.

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