Thursday, January 10

How to become Famous Malaysian Blogger?

These rules only apply for Malaysian blogger who want to penetrate Malaysia internet market.

Tactics to become Malaysian famous blogger:

1. Critics
Malaysia Government
This is the 1st rule to become famous blogger in Malaysia. We must condemn our leaders. There are plenty of topic and issues we can touch. There are NO famous Malaysian blogger that support Barisan Nasional leadership. Maybe ada blogger popular tak kutuk pemimpin. Niche mereka mungkin pasal hiburan, kewangan, technical stuff, but nahh… aku rasa mereka pun tak suka kerajaan BN.

2. Ads
Walaupun blog kita ada beberapa visitor, but still kena letak Ads. Tak kira lah dari mana-mana syarikat. Reason… as a gesture to our visitor that we knew about this thing and we are pro-blogger wannabe. Hahaha… Of couse we should not overdo this by placing all kind of ads. Visitor will easily annoy by these ads. (Just like you guys menyampah dengan Ads di

3. Re-post.
Since Malaysia a small country with relatively small number of internet user, so the issue that attract Malaysia web surfer not as many as in USA or India. So, visit blog yang famous pagi-pagi then re-post the same topic at our blog. Throw our idea and comment related to that topic. Visitor akan kagum and believe kita ini blogger yang up to date, much better if we can give improved view compare to the famous blogger.

4. Cautious with Malaysian Artist.
Internet users in Malaysia either they love or do not care at all about local art scene. So, DO NOT ever takes a risk by criticize any local artist. You can make fun of it, write news, comment or anything, but do no take a chance by condemning Malaysia artist. Remember, our market not that big. Did you ever read Kenny Sia condemn Mawi? Or Liew CF kutuk Siti Nurhaliza?

5. Friendly.
Always try to satisfy all your readers. No, it is not impossible. Just listen to them and try to follow their advice as much as possible. Malaysian love to become leader, dictator or at least a ruler of their ‘internet surfing kingdom’. Memang adat orang Malaysia nak jadi tuan, so cuba dengar arahan mereka.

6. Lie.
Most Malaysian blog visitors are not I.T savvy. There has no idea how to check visitor details. Jadi, install apa-apa plug-in untuk monitor visitor at our blog lepas itu display the counter. Then, revisit your own blog thousands of time per day. Most I.T blind visitor will amaze with the number. Hahaha…

7. Community.

Join all kind of Malaysia community-base site, actively involve in all blogger forums and attend as many Malaysian blogger gathering as possible. Exchanging loyal visitor and traffic with them. Bodek all famous blogger to become their friend, beg for backlinks. Bribe them to mention your name in their blog. Treat them as king!

Please do not take this posting too serious, I’m not an expert. If you guys sincerely want to be famous blogger you should not came and read my blog. Membuang masa je, kan…? Instead, go and get tips from people in this list: Famous List

Happy blogging…!

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Salam Maal Hijrah..!


lankapo said...

takder org minat pasal topik ni ker haha semua nak tgk ko tulis pasal kehidupan ko jerk
cari duit tak minat hahaha

to those yg nak increase ,please do join

Anonymous said...

A'ah. Orang tak minat topik ni lah. entrecard ni apa lak?

Anonymous said...

Cerita ni pun Mr Right tak berapa suka iaitu Liverpool seri lagi..... Yang kelakarnya Benitez (tgh update CV nak cari kerja lain) kata masih belum putus asa nak jadi juara EPL.... Lawak pesen apa pulak ni....????

Err... team apa yang belasah Newcastle 6-0 tu ha....????

Mr. Right said...

Ye la kot. Tapi ini bkn citer pasal cari duit, ini citer nak jadi blogger glamer.

Entrecard ni social bookmaking + ejen pengiklanan.

Jangan citer bola ngn aku. Dah la Perak kena belasah dgn Kedah. (thanks to ref again).Pastu Liverpool lak draw. Mangkuk betul. AKu pun dah nak nyampah dgn Benitez, ambil Moronho lah.

Soleh said...


eh, email ko dood tu aku rasa ada dlm contact gmail...ntah cane ntah..confident je ye ko tulis ni..hehe...Bagus gak ada confident tinggi ni..hehe

Anonymous said...

I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

Anonymous said...

I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

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