Wednesday, June 18

Don’t Annoy Me

Guest blogged by Ms. X.

Ms. X has a blog but she’s not gonna tell. She prefers to remain anonymous as she doesn’t want to be stalked. Konon.

Itu adalah ayat dari Ms. X, True. She does have a blog but she refuse to share her blog with Akubetul’s readers…yet. Nevermind, at least she accepts my invitation to write something here. Very interesting topic she chose, stalker….So, important reminder here, read this article as it written by a woman, lady, awek… selalunya korang baca dari perspective aku, seorang lelaki. So, pandai-pandai lah adjust.


I think a friend of mine told me that her friend normally received at least one call per day from the husband, with no other purpose but just to tanya khabar. Mind you, the couple has been married for more than 10 years and with several kids. And here they are, where the husband still behaves as if he was courting her back then! Aawww, considerate romantic men are still in existence. The men who will curse the stone which the wives accidentally stubbed, the men who will still hold our hands when walking about instead of leaving us walking alone staring at their back.

Men are not useless after all! Yay!

So Girls, keep hoping for the best though I have to tell you that I’m very skeptical lah. These species of men are very rare di muka bumi ini dan hanya exists in the movies. I think generally, women want that; we do want attention from the loved ones. Of course, it depends on what kind of women you are and your preference. I doubt the fiercely independent women want men like that as it can be considered insulting and clingy. As if we are not adult enough that you have to hold our hands. Blah la.

Guys, basically the rules are easy and simple. Just do what a gentleman do, and even more pun takpe. But yes, there’s fine line bordering ‘annoying’ and ‘insulting’.

Once, there was this guy (a guy friend ye Mr. Right, not a special someone) who called me every single night without failed! Oh my God, seriously at times I hated seeing his name appearing on my mobile. We talked almost every night, later there’s no story to talk about! Plus, hello! I do have a TV to watch and life to live. You don’t have to call every night la. And let’s not talk about sms. Please know how restrain yourself la wei. Ini tak, every hour a sms need to be send. Make things worse, every 5 minutes my mobile would “beep, beep” or whatever your sms alert sounds like. Itu stalking namanya. And it is very annoying la.

In most cases, it’s not like we don’t like you but just give us some space. There were instances also, whenever I feel like not talking, I press that ‘red’ button and the call will go straight to my voicemail. The guy who call me actually sulk! Please lah, merajuk konon. You have to remember, dah lah call and sms every hour, don’t expect us to answer and reply every single of it as we do have works to do and responsibility towards others.

As I said, everyone loves attention, BE A GENTLEMAN NOT A STALKER!

But if you’re the kind of person who flirts with everything and anything even a lamp post, then you deserve the repeating calls and smses la. You asked for it.


For me, personally aku tidak kisah sangat kalau tunang, kawan, rakan sekerja atau sesiapa sahaja kacau aku with calls or sms. But just ikut time la. Kalau officemate call midnight and ask about work, confirm la kena maki dulu before aku layan. Kepada sesiapa yang berminat nak post something here, contact aku through email.


Anonymous said...

she's good. y not reveal her blog...

p/s:the lamp post part is very true..hahaha

Anonymous said...

Mr.Right tulis lagi bersahaja..
apesal tak link kan je url web dia berbanding u letak post dia kat ur blog nie...

i really like mr.right post..huhuhu

Anonymous said...

hi ms x,
memang betul susah skrg ni nk cari lelaki yang macam tu, biasanya dia akan terbalik. klu lelaki caring , yg pompuan akan ganas sket.balance ,rules of equilibrium :)

klu kes en akubetul ni, dia mmg nampak je brutal tapi caring tuh hehehe , ye tak cik ros ?

for your stalking problem guy, cakap je lh dgn dia simpan2 plak. bak sini no dia aku sms /cal bgtahu ko tak suka di gangu mlm2.
shah alam

Anonymous said...

anon 4.26:
i'm good? Thank you very much.
Are you a movie character?

p/s: u have a thing for lamp post ye? :P

anon 10.50:
ye, nothing beats Mr. Right.
This post is not in my blog, saya blog exclusively untuk Mr. Right.

terima kasih for the offer. Tapi mamat tu dah ada awek, jadi dia dh berenti stalking.

lankapo said...

good for him, finally found someone that love to be sms every hour and call every nite hehehe.

Kadang2 apa yang kita nak mungkin bukan yang terbaik untuk kita. :)
shah alam

Sankai said...

lol :)

catchy eh ms.x, Very catchy indeed..

Enjoyed that post.


Mek Rose said...

aku pon penah kena ganggu ngan org jenis camni..agak2nye..takde korje..mlm2 bute..time org nak tido tuu la nak kaco..ish la..

tapi yg paaaaling aku nyampah kat org tua tu...dia tu laki owang...ish la...bawak2 la nyedor diri..jagala bini yg kt umah tu ha...ish!

waahhh...incey lan kapo puji incey aku betul..mesti ade ape2 ni..hiks! incey aku betul mmg caring gilos pon..**WINK**
dah puji2 ni..mlm ni jgn lupe ye...
ikan siakap 3 rasa...wahahahah

lankapo said...

heheh mesti lah caring,,,tak percaya tanya encey sesukun..

wah dapat belanja ikan siakap ke ? nak join hehe
adsense guide

Anonymous said... @ era:
ya betul.

thank u for enjoying my post. are u a movie character as well? ;)

u r so right la girl.
even the one yg kita sayang like hubby/wife, siblings, fiancee, gf/bf, kwn pun ..kadang-kadang kita nyampah sebab call/sms setiap 1/2 jam. inikan pulak org yg kita tak suka lagi gatal durjana.

Mr. Right said...

Happy melihat Ms.X 1st posting here mendapat response positive. I know this lady quite well and I know she can write damn good article. Book junkie memang la pandai menulis. Hahaha…

Kepada yang wondering, dalam blog beliau Ms.X tidak menulis sebegini, disana dia lebih bersopan santun. :)

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