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i-City Launched "Hibiscus in the Sky"

Last week aku received invitation from i-City Shah Alam untuk menghadiri pelancaran tarikan terbaru di sana, Hibiscus in the Sky. They send email, then call aku tanya confirmation. Aku pun poyo la jawap nak datang. Siap minta extra seat lagi untuk wife hajatnya. Then, pada malam palancaran tu aku tak dapat datang. Aku discussion kat office. Cynthia wakil i-City tu siap call lagi around 8, tanyakan mana aku. Really sorry, nak buat cam mana... ada keja kat office.

So, the least aku boleh buat adalah postkan press release yang again Cynthia kind enough to email it to me. Bersama 2 keping gambar. Berbangga aku sebagai penduduk Shah Alam, melihat perkembangan i-City...


i-City & Tourism Malaysia Bring More Entertainment & Attractions to Town
The 2010 Calendar Fills Up with Joint Efforts to Entice Local and International Tourists

SHAH ALAM, 23rd June 2010- i-City, Malaysia’s premier tech based property with unique lightscapes ties up with Tourism Malaysia to fill its events calendar for the second half 2010. Supported by the Ministry to be the next hot stop for local and international tourists in the state of Selangor, i-City is investing substantially in its efforts to keep the township attractive to its visitors.

Mr. Eu Hong Chew, Chief Executive Officer of i-City, Dato' Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen, Minister of Tourism Malaysia, Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong, Deputy Executive Chairman of I-Berhad.

The new calendar of activities was announced during the launch of its new rhythmic lights, Hibiscus in The Sky. The event was officiated by Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen, Minister of Tourism Malaysia accompanied by Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong, Deputy Executive Chairman of I-Berhad and Mr. Eu Hong Chew, Chief Executive Officer of i-City.

Hibiscus in the Sky is a laser light show accompanied with vibrant music and will be on every night at 8.30pm and 10.30pm. The theme creatively based on Malaysia’s national flower- the hibiscus, is part of the second phase of lightscapes developed by the management of i-City. Other new highlights under this new phase are the Safari Park which feature life size horses, dinosaurs, and giraffes and the Cactus Park.

“We are already buzzing with activity since the school holidays began and also with the World Cup kicking off. Daily live telecasts of matches are attracting a large crowd to our open grounds as we have a large LED screen to view the match. There is a flea market in place for the duration of the World Cup and also some live band performances over the weekend,” shared Mr. Eu Hong Chew, Chief Executive Officer of i-City.

i-City is currently hosting almost 50,000 people in a week and with the added attractions brought in by the Tourism Ministry, this numbers are expected to grow fast. “The Tourism Ministry’s goal is to build on the existing strengths of i-City. The spacious outdoor atmosphere, its wonderfully developed lightscapes, 24 hour operations and entrepreneurial opportunities for retailers looking for high traffic areas are unique selling points that will enhance our tourism products substantially,” enthused Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen, Malaysia’s Tourism Minister.

The Ministry will be having its Cuti-Cuti 1 Malaysia dance performances every Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the month of June. To give international visitors an insight into Malaysia’s contemporary art scene, Tourism Malaysia has started a national initiative to promote and encourage established and amateur artists in Malaysia to showcase their work. i-City has also been included in the national programme to be one of the venues to display this artwork during the 1 Malaysia Contemporary Art Festival in the month of July, August and September.

The big event of the year would be the Ministry’s Summer Ramadhan Festival. Conceptualised to carry a Mediterranean feel, the Festival will offer unique attractions to the visitors during the holy month.

Following the Raya festivities, a Fabulous Food Festival is also in the pipeline. “Food originating from all walks of life will be available in one venue and we are planning it for i-City. It cannot be denied that food is an integral part of the Malaysian life so we want to ensure with the mix of tourism highlights available, the addition of a food festival will surely increase the appeal of i-City,” Dato’ Sri Dr Ng added.

Further to this, i-City launched its “i-City: It’s Always On- Photography and Videography Challenge” recently with Hong Kong star Simon Yam to encourage its visitors to capture the many shades of i-City. One of the competing categories is the Hibiscus in the Sky launched by the Minister.

“The competition is a challenge for our thousands of visitors to show their own personal view of the township through images or videos. We have received the support of Canon, MasterCard and Tourism Malaysia for this and the winners will not only receive prizes in the form of Canon cameras and video cameras but also cash and their work will be featured in a photo gallery we are planning to establish,” enthused Eu.

As an added benefit for the competition, i-City in association with PCP Art of Photography will run a night photography workshop at a small fee to help the public capture the best images of i-City. Key specifics and techniques will be shared on 26th June (Saturday) from 6pm – 9pm. Participants will need to bring along their own camera units to join in. (Flyer for workshop available in press kit)

i-City is constantly on the move to make itself more attractive to its new audience, tourists and is looking forward to working with the tourism and retail industry partners to make itself more relevant to the local and international crowd. This effort is also supported by the Ministry, “I would like to take this opportunity to encourage retailers and tourism industry players to join in this synergy and leverage on its benefits. i-City’s management is surely open to strategic alliances to enhance the appeal of the City of Digital Lights,” Dato’ Sri concluded.

Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong, Deputy Executive Chairman of I-Berhad, Dato' Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen, Minister of Tourism Malaysia, Mr Eu Hong Chew, Chief Executive Officer of i-City.

About i-City

i-City is a ICT property space under the holding company, I-Berhad. The brainchild of its founder Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong and his team, the "plug-and-play" office environment is of the 72-acre freehold land is rapidly taking shape.

i-City provides 20Mbps high speed multi-telco broadband connectivity (scalable to 1Gbps), fibre optics network with backup power supply, Tier 4 Ready Data Centre, shared facilities as well as a concierge service (receptionist and secretarial services).

The City of Digital Lights was recently gazetted as Technopreneur Campus enabling it to operate cosmopolitan lifestyle outlets on a 24 hour basis. Under the Technopreneur Campus concept, i-City will be a “gated but open” zone operating continuously in the face of any disruption in power and connectivity services. This zoning is in recognition of i-City as both a knowledge hub as well as a night tourism destination that will be a catalyst in the transformation of Shah Alam into a vibrant city.

The status will also enable cultural and night tourism activities, a boutique Hotel with duty free outlets and entertainment centre, sustainable green and OKU friendly facilities, an Islamic Financial Hub, the Plug and Play entrepreneur development centre and as well as shuttle services between i-City and Shah Alam city centre, Klang, Petaling Jaya and the Padang Jawa Komuter Station.

There is now a knowledge community in i-City comprising a mix of foreign and local companies from both the private sector (FBIC, Logica, Total Sports Asia) and government agencies (SSIC, Tourism Selangor). Many of these companies are relocating to i-City to leverage on the ICT infrastructure.

For more information on i-City log on to www.i-city.my


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meriah kanns.. ehehe

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Aku bengang gak pasal isu ni, bukan apa, pasal apa dia tak jemput Sultan Selangor.

Ni kan negeri dia. Hormat le sikit.

Last sekali tuanku datang sendiri ngan MB. Kesian....

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