Thursday, December 4

ESPN Champion of Champion 2008

Notice: Aku busy. Sorry, short posting.

ESPN akan bagi award kepada the best sports personality for 2008 base on unique online vote kinda game.

Here the rules:

Among the 16 world best sportsperson chose, there is one little girl , I reckon she the smallest athlete in the list. Our very own, Datuk Nicol Ann David.

Nicol paired with 100 meter record holder, ‘lighting’ Usain Bolt. Although Bolt will be a clear favorite after make his name in Olympic, but maybe Malaysia can beat Jamaica in term of Internet user and Nicol might have some advantage here. Just like how last night Alex Ferguson 'beat' golf legend Tiger Woods and current result between Spain's Rafael Nadal and Sachin Tendulka of India.

But even if she cleared Bolt, her next ‘opponent’ will be Cristiano Ronaldo or multiple Olympic gold medalists, Michael Phelps.

So, guys Nicol definitely need our help to win this battle.

We can’t vote for Nicol yet, the clash between Nicole and Bolt started next week, think so.

Bookmark this address:

Remember to vote for Nicol when they open Match 6 game. Bloggers, please blog about this. Forward in email, post in forum, tell our friends, make sure Nicol get all the votes she deserve.

To those creative Malaysia Photoshop artist, please creates a logo, button, flag, badge or what ever material to promote this game. Stop changing you blog’s header, altering celebrity face or paste Pak Lah face into funny Hollywood actor. Start channeling your talent to more useful ways. We can treat this as a gift to Nicol from Malaysia’s internet community.

4 comments: said...

yea.. vote nicol!!

Thank you for your support of our dear Datuk Nicol.

Malaysia Boleh!

All the Best.

Editor WMSiew

Anonymous said...

Kena tolong tu..
Jom ramai2 vote

Anonymous said...

Vote jagn tak utk nicol.

guapunyahal said...

dah support dia.. gi blog gua tengok heheheh....

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